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    [OBT] Legend Of Edda

    Legend of Edda

    Legend of Edda is a 3D, fantasy MMORPG with “chibi” anime-inspired graphics. Legend of Edda has sharp visuals and an in-depth class system that offers players tons of options. The game has instanced dungeons, realm vs realm PvP features, and fast-paced combat.

    Publisher: GamesCampus
    Playerbase: Medium
    Graphics: Medium
    Type: MMORPG
    EXP Rate: Medium
    PvP: Duels / Guild Battles /Open PvP
    Filesize: ~ 850 mb

    Pros: +Tons of PvP features. +6 classes and 42 jobs available. +Plenty of quests and puzzles. +Instanced dungeons.

    Cons: -Linear progression. -Visual style may not appeal to some. -Poor English translations.

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    Legend of Edda Overview

    Looking for a cute, but sleek MMORPG? Legend of Edda fits the bill. With extensive customization options and a bevy of class choices, Legend of Edda offers a very in depth but accessible MMORPG experience. Legend of Edda makes use of instanced dungeons and action-oriented combat. Players can form groups and guilds to clear these instances, or fight each other in varied PvP modes. Join the Titan or Olympian faction and explore the chibi-styled world of Legend of Edda.

    Warrior - Primary tanking class. Equipped with a sword and shield. They can taunt opponents to keep aggro.

    Swordsman - Fighters who use two-handed swords. They deal heavy damage and have a high critical hit rate.

    Assassin - Stealthy melee class that can deal powerful deathblows.

    Archer - Ranged class with high agility and skills that slow and snare opponents.

    Cleric - Supportive class that can heal and buff allies. Clerics also have offensive spells.

    Wizard - Powerful casters who can cast spells that deal heavy damage. They also have AoE (area of effect) spells.


    -Sources from Mmohut

    Game Protection: GameGuard

    hope to see a bypass, really wanna see wha i can make in this game
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    I don't feel like going too deep into this game. But if someone can assist me with items etc so I can scan with. I will.

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