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    RoR – Remembrance of Recruitment free2play MMOFPS

    German publisher Fiaa has announced the beta launch of its new MMOFPS: Remembrance of Recruitment aka RoR. This new first person shooter action MMO is made with Valve's famous Source engine and of course the famous Havok phsyics engine. Continue reading for more details.

    First person shooter games have always been hot. This is not any different in case of MMO games. Another MMOFPS developed by Fiaa has just entered its beta testing.

    RoR offers over 150 different guns, wear customization as well as skill customization for an own created female or male Avatar. Players can choose between this huge arsenal of weapons including Sniper Rifles, automatic and semi-automatic Guns, Shotguns and even Melee weapons. From authentic reality looks to stylish pink painted AKs, you name it, the Source Engine makes it possible and RoR has it!

    Four Classes are selectable, each bringing their own specialization. In addition to that, the game comes with a huge variety of Skill Cards like Marksmanship Training, Physical Fitness Training or just additional Ammunition Cards. Individualize your Avatar the way you like it and let everybody know what you are capable of.

    RoR also offers the possibility to customize your own wear. Hot and sexy military female Avatar or Hip Hop styled male Avatar with a skeleton Hockey Mask? Create your own favourite unique Avatar in RoR and go for the kill.

    Based on Valve's Source engine, the game will have decent graphics and the Havak powered physics engine will most probably add to the visuals of the game.

    Name:          RoR – Remembrance of Recruitment
    Area:            Europe
    Type:            MMOFPS
    Platform:       PC (Windows)
    Publisher:      FIAA Europe GmbH
    Developer:     YNK

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