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    Kanji Balls ~ a Game for learning japanese letters

    Since some months Iam working on a little project called Kanji Balls. Its very much inspired by Dragon Balls
    and alot of elements from MmoRpgs. I use Rpg Maker VX Ace what is really a great engine to create something like this.
    In addition i use the Arc engine, what is a really great tool to create a jump'n run game in rpg maker.

    I wasted alot of my lifetime by grinding in online games, and thought about why not to use this concept for something usefull.
    If we look at how many intelligent and great people are wasting their time just to gain exp and getting up in a ranking what
    is based on nothing else but killing monsters all the day^^ So imagine how nice it would be if people could be getting up by
    playing a Rpg and learn for example a new language in addition.

    So i was trying to create a little game where the player is grinding at kanji balls. In every new room you learn a new kanji
    (japanese letter) and a new kanji ball appears. Its getting more and more as far you are going on in the game.

    You can create your own character, and costumize alot of things

    Its in german language and i will translate it into english aswell. Give me some months more and you can testplay it
    if you want

    I wanted to show some pictures but iam not allowed somehow...

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