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    LolEditor Inventory editor for Minecraft

    LolEditor can change time, dimensions, spawn point, weather conditions, and player positions in minecraft. It can also serve as a inventory editor.

    • Editing values like HP, Raining, Dimension, Fire, etc.
    • Changing spawn (and player) position
    • Editing inventory
    • Saving inventories as packs for quick reloading
    • Randomly-generated inventory
    • to change item properties (id, quantity, damage) click it with Right Mouse Button
    • to quickly change all items quantity to it's maximum (for example: dirt to 64, redstone dust to 64, but snowballs to 16 and diamond pickaxes to 1) press Full button
    • to quickly repair all items press Repair button
    • to delete only one item drag it to "Trash button" (clicking it (no dfragging) will clear all inventory)

    How to use it:
    1. Run LolEditor (seriously), open your world (button on left).
    2. Edit whatever you want (to add item to your inventory you have to drag it from bottom of window to (surprise) your inventory).
    3. Save world (second button).
    4. Load world in (another surprise) Minecraft.
    5. If you want to quickly edit your save once again:
      • Save it on Minecraft
      • Press reload button on LolEditor
      • Edit whatever you want
      • Save it
      • Load world in Minecraft

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