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    YogBox - Minecraft good mods compilation

    The YogBox is a work-in-progress compilation pack of the best mods out there, designed to be virus+malware free(!) and enhance and improve the minecraft single player experience without distracting from the enjoyment, atmosphere and general awesomeness of the vanilla game.

    The mods are carefully chosen, like the finest cutlets of sliced chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato to make a magnificent sandwich of awesome.

    Puddinghuxtable is the chef of the sandwich, and adjusts the size and composition of the sandwich to improve it.

    Note: if installing over a previous version of yogbox, be sure to start with an untouched minecraft.jar and clear out your mods folder in your minecraft directory!!!

    Please also note that using a newer version of the yogbox on an older version save could potentially cause issues.

    If you're having stuttering/frame rate issues, enable binary pathing with millenaire by pressing ctrl+shift+p.

    Recommended is the optifine mod which is fully compatible with yogbox and also enables hd texture support

    Install Instructions:

    Version 1.7.3 v1.1:

    How to Install video (PC and MAC):

    • Make sure you have a fresh MINECRAFT.JAR before installing (use the force update option in your Minecraft launcher)! Also if you have an existing MODS and/or MILLENAIRE folder, remove them or back them up before installing to avoid possible issues!
    • Extract the contents of this zip into its own folder, then run the YOGBOX Installer.jar (right click, open with java) and follow the on screen prompts. Selecting no optional mods will install the core experience.
    • Run the game! You may need to select Kas's texture pack under the Texture Pack options or things might look funny!

    Remember: This is the first release, so we're working on lots of improvements. Let us know your experiences in this thread!

    Note: The Yogbox will not be released for 1.8 until all of the mods in the Yogbox have been updated for a stable 1.8 version. This will take some time, stop asking.


    list of all mods currently included in this pack

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