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    Full Guide to Leveling With Bots

    well, gonna start this out with a basic post and hopefully edit it as people suggest places to level and such...

    my settings varied, but when i was in a quiet area i set the bot to logout when someone came near, so suspicion didn't arouse... other than that i set it to play a sound so that i could look at my screen and talk...

    This guide was based around a Rogue/Scout/Assassin with top D grade..

    levels 0-18 (Elven Fortress)... started out in elven village with top NG, headed to EF, you can pretty much level really well here with a bow and dagger, you should start your bot around level 11 and he will just farm in there till you around level 20, moving him deeper as you progress.

    levels 18-20 (Gludio) ... north side of gludin, killing the appropriate levels, wolves, spiders etc, many bots already here, just above arena but before orc barracks.

    levels 20-23 (Gludio) ... underneath gludin, kill the lizardmen and bears... works very well with bots, many already there, can also go on the south shore where you'll find shedloads.


    levels 23-28 (Dion) ... kill the hobgoblins, champions, shamans, eyes (gd xp), or maybe even the bee's around floran. Champions are aggro.

    levels 23-28 (Gludin-Abandoned Camp) .. big area, lot of varied mobs, maybe harder for the bot because the mobs are so close and a few are aggro such as stragglers. Great for bot duo.


    this is where choices start....

    levels 28-32 (Gludin-Orc Barracks) .. double hp/xp mobs, nice xp, great again in a bot duo.. maybe harder alone... should be ok in top D... you can level and bot here for adena upto 40 at a guess... ;D

    levels 28-36 (Dion-Execution Grounds) ... if your coming here at 28 start with the Mandragoras, at around 30 go for the Crawlers and then at around 34 go for the Strains and Amber basilisks... I avoided the trees as they are more trouble than they are worth, there is a perfect botting place in between the crawlers + ghouls in the lower level... ;D .. great for solo bot...

    levels 28-32 (Dion-Floran) ... the bee's drop enchant armors nicely, or did do in C1, and the bugbears are nice, even the dire wolves for charcoal if a dwarf are nice, these will get you to 32 in a nice delay but are good for solo. where i came... ;D not too populated either..


    levels 32-36 (Dion-EG) ... EG is still good, bit busy though, but can take you upto 36 effectively and after that just becomes a money making area... hunt Amber Basilisks, Strains and Dead Seekers.. ;D

    levels 36-40 (Heine-ish) ... now this is the ultimate secret area... i levelled here fine... just left of the field of silence caption is a nice pond... around this area i set my bot 2 only hit Dread Wolves... as they are aggro... and initiative... and levelled from 36-40 in around 2 days...


    This is where it ends...... give me your ideas?
    Places to continue on.... levels 40+ .. i can do the pics...

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