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    Tutorial for beginners - Lineage II

    Tutorial for beginners - Lineage II

    Explanation: I made this tutorial after seeing many people using the wrong things, things that many of us have done.

    And Basic explanations without much bullshit.

    Occupations (Class)
    Models Sets
    Models Of Weapons
    What effect Soulshot, the Spirit and the Blessed Spirit Shot Shot?

    In Lineage 2 the use of guns is not like other games you have to use the
    Weapons and Sets (armor) You need eg 55, Dex or Str In Lineage 2 Weapons and Sets are divided into grids, what are they?

    On-Grade: is when you start your char
    D-Grade: From level 20 up
    C-Grade: From level 40 up
    B-Grade: From 52 to Level Up
    A-Grade: From Level 61 Upwards
    S-Grade: From 76 To Level Up
    S80-Grade: From Level 80 Upwards

    Remember to see your grid Weapon Set or just click on top of it that appeared a description of His Weapon Or Set, this description will be the Grade From Your Weapon or Sept.
    Note: You can put Weapons and Sets Higher Grades Or less, if you put the problem Superior Grill It With You Slow and without force, using a grid below its level does not change anything that you could just using a more strong.

    Occupations (Class)
    Here in lineage 2 you do not start now as a Sorceress, Warrior, Archer etc, here will depend on your race.
    First step choose your race between them has Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves and Orcs, then you pick your way If you will be magical or Warrior, Between races the only dwarf that does not have the mage class.
    Chose your race and your initial class, when you reach level 20 you can raise your class (you start Ex Human Wizard Arrives at Lvl 20 You can specialize in Wizzard or Cleric who are different and each has its due Races Classes) at Next Specialization will be at Level 40 (Assuming That you have chosen Wizzard Previous in Evolution, you can turn NEcromacer, Warlock or Cleric Sorceress if you paid serious Other) Next evolution is at Level 76.
    The Gladiators here to change your class you just go to town and start talking with a kitten, you should have server Fasser the quest.
    There is the best class! Each has its advantages and disadvantages, do you like the most.

    This will depend on the server you play, because you have Server will need to use Skill Books, others you must purchase at the Skill Master with her and not with Sp adena, you do not need the Gladiators Book and Skill comes altomaticamente with your lvl.

    Models Sets
    In Lineage2 are divided in Sept Heavy, Light and Robe.
    How Knowing my Char Set Usa?
    Just Going to the panel and see magic spells in passive vai haver a spell giving you the reference of the Set
    Heavy Heavy sets are Used For Warriors then a magician uses his Speciais not have and yet will make your spells Very Slow These Are Generally The Warriors slowest More With The much force as those who use swords and Blunts Poles etc.
    Light Sets are for warriors, unlike most of which are heavy Heavy Lights are the light used by Archers, Daggers or even the USAO Heavy What may only Use the Light have less defense.
    Robe Set are related to the Magi as many see in movies The mage wears robes that usually are in Lineage2 Robes.
    NOTE: The Kamael are sets can utilize Light

    Models Of Weapons
    In Lineage 2 has the following types of weapons:
    Bow (bow), Dangger (Dagger), SingleSword (Single sword usually used in one hand and a shield in the other, or may be Magic Warriors) DualSword (The famous are Duals Dual Swords) DobleHandSword (A single grid Charged in Sword two hands) Fists (San Claws) Poleams (the Poles are like a grid Bat) Blunts (are the most varied types From The Magi Staffs To The A grade hammer or even a Great Sickle) and Book (Books that are used by magicians), Rappier (that looks like a fencing sword q q can only be ultilizada by Kamaels) and CrowsBow (q tb a beast can only be ultilizada by Kamaels)
    Image reduced 90% of its original size [640 x 413]

    What effect Soulshot, the Spirit and the Blessed Spirit Shot Shot?
    Soulshot: physical damage x2; Spiritshot: magic damage + cast speed x1.5 x1.5; Blessed Spiritshot: magic damage x2 x2 + cast speed
    Image reduced 90% of its original size [640 x 355]

    What is enchant a weapon? In Portuguese Simple is good to leave it stronger, you need to be able to enchant the Enchant Scroll Of, And you want your Enchantr Set You need the Scroll of Enchant Armor and Weapon Enchant Scroll Of Weapor, has Scroll of All Grades, If your weapon or set For A Srcoll enchant you need the Grade A, the more you put enchant His strongest weapon is on or set Weapon It Increases The P-and M-Atk Atk, armor increases in P-Def, increases in Jewelry its M-def, and the more you put in your Weapon brightest one she gets, remembering that only safe and enchant +3 until the Gladiators, after which she can Crystallize of +3.
    What it is the Blessed Enchant Scroll, this is pretty much a safe enchant because it does not crystallize after he his weapon is a danger of it eg your weapon ta +3 +4 if you will put in place fails to crystallize it will make your Set weapon or jewelry Returns to +0.

    In many games called Guilds, Clan is here for you mount a Clan you must be at least Level 10 in the Level Clan can climb, can get up to Level 10, those over the nick names of the people are the Titles they receive from the clan, this can only be Obtained at Level 3.

    It is a union of 3 Clans.

    Here the most common abbreviations made in the game.
    Toi-Tower of Insolence
    Fg-gateway Forbi
    Pk-Player Killer
    GS-Grade S
    GA-Grade A
    GB-Grade B
    GC-C Grade
    GD-Grade D
    KS-the guy who hit the animal in you this killing
    The MOB-monster Bicho
    DC - Dark Crystal
    DA-Dark Avenger
    SS-Soulshot ..
    BSS .. - BlessedSpiritShot
    Tank = Class with high hp and defense to absorb enough damage.
    DD = Damage Dealer (Classes causing enough damage)
    Nuker = Magi specialized in breaching damage.
    Healer = Magi specialized in recovering the hp of other chars.
    char = character (your character in the game)
    PvP = Player versus Player
    PvE = Player versus Environment
    Newbie / Noob / nobie = beginner, beginner
    WTB = Want To Buy (when someone wants to buy an item, eg: WTB Long Sword)
    WTS = Want To Sell (ta when someone selling an item, eg Katana WTS)

    = Control of the game profanity, replaces some swearing.

    Mob = Monster or Beast
    NPC = Non Player Character (characters that are not controlled by players)
    Buff = magic or skill that causes the attributes of a certain target better.
    = Skill or magic debuff that causes the attributes of a certain target worse.
    Dc or d / c = disconnected
    kite = kill the monster "-style archer": shoot, run, shoot, run, short, kill without catch, kill far
    DV or VoD = Dragon Valley / Valley of Dragon
    DP = Death Pass
    SoS = Sea of ​​Spore
    IT = Talking Island
    EG = Execution Grounds
    HV = Hunters Village
    SoE = Scroll of Escape
    SPS = Spirit Shot

    WL: Warlord
    Pally: Paladin
    DA: Dark Avenger
    TH: Treasure Hunter
    HE: Hawkeye
    Glad: Gladiator
    Necro: Necromancer
    PP: Prophet
    SR: Silver Ranger
    PW: Plains Walker
    TK: Temple Knight
    SwS: Sword Singer
    SpS: Spellsinger
    ES: Summoner Elemntal
    EE: Elven Elder
    AW: Abyss Walker
    PR: Phantom Ranger
    SK: Shillien Knight
    BD: Blade Dancer
    SH: Spell Howler
    PS: Phantom Summoner
    SE: Shillien Elder
    BH: Bounty Hunter
    WS: War Smith
    OL: Overlord
    WC: Warcryer

    Credits - MASTER

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