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    Refining Private Servers

    I was wondering is their a such thing as a Refine hack or any hacks in general for a Jade Dynasty Private Server? I don't care to hack on official since I dont play it.. I just play on a private server and I know their has to be some sort of hacks because I run into a few hackers ona weekly basis.

    Not even sure how active the community for this game really still is now that I think about it.

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    refining Jadedynasty

    I am a Gm\Dev From darkhope JD and there are no hacks for refining items although there is a pattern (so to speak) when ever u shatter a piece of gear use a serenity jade to refine ur primary gear and the success rate is slightly increased. but depending on the private server your rates might already be pretty good. I hope this helps you on ur quest ~Djinn~

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