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    Post Basic Tutorial for Gunz


    Bounty / BP - is the currency of Astra. It is used to buy certain items of customization.
    Camper - Player who stays in one place, in ambush, waiting for the players go through their field of vision.
    CASH - It's another game currency, used to buy items in WebStore.
    Create a Room - Create a new game.
    Frag - means you defeated an opponent. If you are defeated, it is common to hear "you were fragueado."
    PV - Vitality Points. It's your energy.
    KS or KSer - Kill Steal or Kill Stealer. It is when a player defeats an opponent who was in dispute with a third party. The player who receives this whole experience by Frag, and so this is a reprehensible practice.
    Newbie / Noob - newbie player.

    Status of Players

    Both the friends list as the list of Clan, players appear with some colorful letters next to their names. These letters indicate the current status of each player in The Duel:

    L - The player is in the Lobby
    G - The player is in a room, but still not playing
    P - The player is playing a game

    Basic Commands:

    W - Move Forward
    S - Move Backwards
    A - Run Left
    D - Run Right
    1 - Select Weapon White
    2 - Select Primary Weapon
    3 - Select Secondary
    4 - Select Item Primary
    5 - Select Item Secondary
    Q / Wheel Up - Select previous weapon
    E / Wheel Down - Select weapon following
    Left Mouse Button - Attack / Shoot
    Right Mouse Button - Use special Coup
    R - Reload Weapon
    Shift - Defender
    Space - Jump
    Esc - Menu Log in
    Tab - View Stats
    F11 - Record / Replay
    F12 - Capture Screenshot

    Now know the key shortcuts that allow you to interact with other users:

    /help - Shows the possible commands
    /w [player name] [your phrase] - Send a private message to a player.
    /r [his sentence] - Responds to a particular message.
    /report (or / 112) - Report the details of the chat.
    /kick [player name] - suggests that a player is removed from the game
    /taunt - insults his opponents
    /salute - a player Greets
    /wave - Does "bye-bye"
    /laugh - laughs
    /cr - Chora
    /dance - Dance

    NOTE: The commands can be changed at any time during the game, from the room to the lobby
    how to:
    Within the game press Esc> Options> ...
    In the Lobby press on Options and select the desired modification.

    Game Modes:

    In The Duel, you can choose the game mode in which to compete. Whether creating a room of their own, whether entering a room that already exists, the decision is always yours. See below the main features of each mode, and choose what suits you best:

    - Combat: Basic mode. The game ends when a player reaches the score of the match or when time expires. On-screen statistics, player position depends on the amount of experience gained during that game.

    - Combat between teams: Works just like the Combat, but with two teams, one blue and one red. In this way, if you are defeated, you can only return to combat after all members of one team are eliminated.

    - Gladiator: Same as Combat, but only allows the use of weapons.

    - Gladiator between teams: Equal to Combat between teams, but only allows the use of weapons.

    - Elimination: Similar to Combat between teams. Here, a random player from each group will be bright with the color of your team. The goal of each group is to eliminate the brilliant player of the opposing team.

    - Training: You do not win or lose experience. It is the ideal way for beginners to train or friendly matches.

    - Mission: The goal here is to eliminate all goblins phase. Achieved this goal, the group will advance to the next step. Just ammo each player is restored at the beginning of each stage.

    Movements (KoreanStyle):

    Light Step: Jump -> Dash -> Slash -> Dash -> Repeat
    [Movement I recommend training, coaching you can do it more easily with other movements]
    ButterFly (BF): Jump -> Dash -> Slash -> Block
    SlashShot (SS): Jump -> Dash -> Slash (hold the button) -> Switch to gun -> Throw (release button) -> Switch to sword -> Jump
    HalfStep (HS): Pula -> Dash -> Slash (hold the button) -> Switch to gun -> Dash Inverted -> Throw (release button) -> Jump -> Repeat
    [NOTE: The HS is equal to SS, but adds a dash up in the air after ss]
    ReloadShot (RS): Throw -> Charge + Switch to another weapon -> Throw -> Repeat
    Double Butterfly (DBF): Jump -> Slash -> Block -> Dash -> Slash -> Block -> Repeat
    Flash Step (FS): Jump -> Dash -> Slash -> Switch to gun -> Switch to sword -> Dash -> Repeat
    [Used to climb walls too]
    Multiple Wall Runing (MWR): Dash in a 45 degree angle against the wall while airborne -> Wall Jump -> Jump
    [A continuation of the wall runing]

    Movements "Special":

    Instant Fall (IF): Flip the opponent and start giving dbfs olhanu straight toward the opponent [Flip> Def> Slash> Def> Slash> Slash and Def Repeats
    Instant Kill (IK): Flipa up the oponnte and shoots as he is in the air
    [Flip> Def> Switch to gun> Shot (try to give the maximum possible shots)


    1: Never despair, always stay calm in every match you make.
    2: Train always, separate a portion of their time to train. (I play three years and still training too ^ ^)
    3: Always know that you can defeat the enemy, no matter what your level, just have confidence.
    4: Never give up the battle. In GunZ anything can happen ...
    5: Sometimes music can disrupt escultar, play without music, with calm and know that people with three years of play still err on techniques such as BF.


    Dash: Run (WW, SS, AA, DD)
    Slash: Attack with sword
    Shot: Shoot (with weapon, of course)
    Reload: Reload (default key r)
    Jump: Leap (default key space)
    Massive: Attack with sword when it is shining (Slash safe and wait for it to load, the sword began to glow, so you can attack enemies and let them "goons" for 2 seconds)
    Flip: Attack the opponent playing up (default key right mouse button)
    Block: Defender Sword (standard shift key)


    Block: Right Mouse
    Flip: Shift
    Reload: R and scroll mouse
    The rest is standard
    NOTE: Use your setup, always try to change settings until you find one that suits you!

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