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    Guild Wars 2 Memory Thread

    The name should say it all.
    To be a collective thread for current memories, so not every after each update must renew all his addresses.
    Until I times the Pattern scan grappling must now serve this thread.

    PosX = 0x01644998
    PosY = 0x0164499C
    PosZ = 0x016449A0
    AngleA = 0x0164498C
    AngleB = 0x01644990
    HealthStatus = 0x01575980
    IDTarget = 0x0168A930
    IDPreTarget = 0x0168A910
    IDNearNPC = 0x0168A900
    AutoWalk = 0x0168C18C
    CharName = 0x015B6628
    Level = 0x0159136C



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    thanks your job.could you give me a newest version adress table?this one is too old ,thanks .

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