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    Guild Wars 2 [CE] Speed hack tutorial

    The running speed in Guild Wars 2 is actually very easy to read.

    Step 1
    : Launch Cheat Engine (which version is recommend not really matter but 5.6.1 and above).

    Step 2: You click on the little computer and selects GW2.exe and then "Open".

    Step 3: You select the "Value Type", "float" and the "Scan Type" "Unknown initial value" and then "First Scan".

    Step 4: You must now be integrated into the options of GW2 "Go" by her "walking" with a button assigned, now presses the button for the runs to look two steps to see if it has changed to change to "Go". Now in Cheat Engine under Scan Type "Exact Value" and then one about it in the Value text box, enter 2.5 and then select "Next Scan".

    Step 5:
    Pressing again to turn off the new key programmed to "go" and remade "Changed Value" and then "Next Scan".

    Step 6: Repeat step 4 and then step 5 until an address or a few addresses are still available. The running speed address should have a value between 1-20.

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