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    [C++] MineSweeper cleanbot via DLL Injection

    • Knowledge of C/C++
    • x86 Assembler
    • Debugger of your choice (I used IDA PRO)
    • Memory Scanner (I used CheatEngine)
    • Minesweeper (XP Version)

    Summary of Learning:
    • Simple Bot
    • Simple function hooking

    So let's make "CleanBot"
    Open CE (CheatEngine) attach -> WinMine.exe

    Step 1.)
    • Game -> Custom -> Height -> a random number
    • Value: Search for the number you inputted
    • Scan Type: Exact Value
    • Value Type: 4Bytes

    Step 2.)
    • Repeat Step 1.) Until you have got Height.
    • Do same for width.

    Step 3.)
    There are 4 addresses i could of choosen of the 2 pairs.
    I've decided to choose:

    Extra Notes:
    Notice the 4byte difference.
    Let's check what sort of variable it could be:
    • int
    • float

    So since it doesn't have a decimal point its going to be an "int"

    Step 4.)
    So the code for mines and boxs must be close!
    So i made smallest board game - 9 by 9
    So i did 9*9 = 81 just to make sure i catch it i added 100
    so 181 converted to hex is 0xB5
    0x1005334 + 0xB5 = 0x10053E9

    Step 5.)
    • Setup range from 0x1005334-0x10053E9
    • Unknown Value
    • Then click smiley on MineSweeper
    • then scan for changed value

    Step 6.)
    Pretty much every value changed on from 0x1005342 from my results!
    (After coding bot up i found out address of start is 0x1005340)
    So it seems like it's a board array!
    Having a look at dissambler i seen that playing with boards with very few mines has
    loads of 0x0F so i belive it 0x0F is no mines.

    Step 7.)
    Load up IDA PRO and look at functions.
    I set breakpoints on every function until i found out:
    0x1003512 is CheckBox also know that it's taking 2 variable arguements to the function
    which is 4bytes each!
    Extra Note people wanting to make more complexed hacks:
    There loads other nice functions in there to play with !
    E.g. 0x0100374F - Make a guess (Flags) etc etc

    Ok we have gather enough information for making a bot now

    Bot DLL Code
    #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN
    #include <windows.h>

    // Click Function from IDA PRO
    typedef int ( __stdcall *D_ClickBox )(unsigned int, unsigned int);

    // This also could be done using deferenced pointer too
    class MinesweeperWH
    unsigned int width; // 0x1005334 (4byte)
    unsigned int height; // 0x1005338 (4byte)

    bool CheckMine( unsigned int x, unsigned int y )
    y = (y << 5);
    unsigned int* UnderBox = (unsigned int*)( 0x1005340 + y + x );
    if( (BYTE)*UnderBox == 0x0F )
    return false; // No Mines Detected
    return true; // Mine Detected

    bool APIENTRY DllMain( HMODULE hDll, DWORD dwReason, LPVOID pvReserved )
    switch( dwReason )
    MessageBoxA( NULL, "Minesweeper Cleanbot by PoZHx\nClick OK to run!.", "Cleanbot", MB_OK );
    MinesweeperWH* MinesweeperTable = (MinesweeperWH*)0x1005334; // Table Size we found in CheatEngine
    D_ClickBox ClickBox = (D_ClickBox)0x1003512; // Click Function we found in IDA PRO
    for( unsigned int w = 1; w <= MinesweeperTable->width; w++ )
    for( unsigned int h = 1; h <= MinesweeperTable->height; h++ )
    if( CheckMine(w, h) == false )
    ClickBox(w, h);
    return true;
    return false;

    by PoZHx
    Please, post your questions on forum, not by PM or mail

    I spend my time, so please pay a little bit of your time to keep world in equilibrium

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