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    Lightbulb Raiderz repacking

    So now after i searched 30 sites of google i´m sure that there is no packing tool for raiderz public...(for latest clients i know there is the msf packer for alpha ones) thats sad because we can extract our clients for a while now but we can do not much with that until there will be a packing tool or we can make the clients to start with the decompressed files.

    So i would like to ask if somebody is interestet in making a packer. Because so far as i can see on the web all posts that belong to this are older than 2 months o.O just think about things that could be done if we only could pack back our files.

    So I´m happy about any Tips and Ideas. And if there is a tool that i have overseen (dont believe so ) would be thankful.

    What i have/know: We can Extract -> Source for that public
    There was a packer -> i have the source(think its public now) but this one dont work with new clients

    My Ideas: Updating the old Packer (dont know how because i dont know exactly what was changed in the filesystem)
    Make a new packer by using the extractor to reverse the algorithm
    Edit the exe to start with the decompressed files(i think i can remind that in the sourcecode of the old
    client there was a function that allowed that)

    So please Post all Ideas that could help to make a packer.

    Updates: As far as i now know the algorithm that is used is ECC so i googled for mrf ECC Encryption
    and found this:
    i dont know if it helps and i dont know if this is how its done.(mostly becouse mrf is
    Markov Random Field and i dont know if that means that mrf files using MRF And ECC For Data
    Encryption or mrf simply means MaeitResourceFile)

    If anyone wants the source of the old packer i could post it or you could google for the release
    of the developer tools.

    I realy hope we will be able to make a working packing tool
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