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    Post PS CS5 Background Eraser tool

    Hello everyone, this will not be one of the best presentations, but I decided to introduce myself to you all with this little tutorial which will be then followed by a video or screenshots made ​​by me.

    Have you ever wondered "How do I make a lineart perfect?​​" .. anyone who deals with the world of manga certainly has set several times this question. In order to make a lineart so fast and easy, there is a tool called "Background Eraser" Which, you delete only the color where the cursor will be placed. But be careful! If you press too many times, or scroll with the mouse you will be also canceled the lineart, the only one that will serve you will simply "Click the left mouse button over the party." The background will be deleted, as well as, the thickness of the brushes will be great.

    *As soon as possible will insert the images
    forgive my english, but I'm Italian :3

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