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    new GF Bot botting Sprite/Puk - Collect and lvlbot

    Hi, i know there is Spriteprotection but this isnt available for all language-Clients so i wrote myself a bot. Besides lvling he can send the Sprites/Puks to collect Items and use mood and stamina items if required.


    I support the bot in english and german language regarding pointers and website-information. Its the first Version so i hope you can report any bugs that you find.

    Pls. use the bot in window-mode, i havent tested fullscreen yet.

    Also please dont hesitate to say if you like/dislike the bot, no response at all is quite demotivating

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    That Thread is a weak old already, and since i cant edit the post, here some additional info:

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    Well you say you wrote this bot by yourself. So you can help me
    If i start the bot it crashs.
    I also installed the requierd Visual Basic Power Packs 3.0.
    I tested it under Windows XP and V!sta.
    Greetings Flo if you are the real owner

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    Update the site "".
    Requirements: Visual Basic Power Packs 3.0 is wrong!
    Requirements: Visual Basic Power Packs 10.0 is right!!
    Last edited by Home_Eclipse; 2012-10-04 at 06:40 AM. Reason: Bad english :P

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    Version 1.1

    today i finished the packages for V1.1 and uploaded them.
    Have fun with it.

    By the time that post actually gets postet it will probably be new year though.
    Thats assuming it gets postet at all, aww... what a pain.

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