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    Do you know the Blade & Soul (KR) Expressions & Actions Entry Course

    In Blade & Soul, some orders are only available by Korean, such as all kinds of characters expressions and actions. Now we will tell you the steps.

    Korean Entry – English Translation – Korean Input Method

    커뮤니티 - Community

    /인사 – Greetings - /dlstk

    /박수 – Clap - /qkrtn

    /농담 – Joking - /shdeka

    /사랑 – Love you - /tkfkd

    감정표현 – Emotion Expression

    /눈물, 울기,ㅠㅠ,ㅜㅜ – Tears/Cry - /snsanf, dnfrl, bb, nn (4 ways)

    /기쁨 – Happy - /rl shift+q ma (shift+q, thenㅃ appears)

    /지루함 – Boring - /wlfngka

    /공포 – Fearful - /rhdvh

    Then some actions:

    /앉기- Sit - /dkswrl

    /춤 – Dance - /cna(thnks for crystalmaiden’s sharing )

    more Blade & Soul (KR) Expressions & Actions Entry Course

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