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    20 Interesting Facts Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    A. Although presenting a modern setting in 2025, Black Ops 2 is a direct sequel of the Black Ops one that occurred in the 1960's. Plot the relationship is unclear exactly, but some old characters will be present here. Timeline pullback ahead will also bring you in time of war in the 1980s (although you'll spend more time in setting the future).

    2. In the war of the 1980s, you will act as the protagonist's first Black Ops - Alex Mason. While for the war in 2025, you will play as David Mason, son of Alex Mason.

    3. David Mason will get a code name - "Section"

    4. You will encounter a world of "fiction" in which China and the United States who became two of the largest military force in the world had experienced a second phase of the Cold War tension. All of this is related to the seizure of natural resources.

    5. You will probably meet again with the figure of Viktor Reznov and discover the truth about his true identity!

    6. Your main enemy is Raul Menendez, a hacker.

    7. The story of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be handled by David Goyer, co-writer of the epic series The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

    8. Treyach using technology full-body performance capture from actor to get a better feel alive COD.

    9. In this futuristic battle, you will be relying on unmanned drones that will play an important role, than just scouting up in the fighting. You will be able to control it from a PDA type device that located in the wrist.

    10. Black Ops 2 will give you the freedom to choose several options that will affect the plot which you are entering. WOW!

    11. COD: Black Ops 2 will also present a new mode called - Strike Force that will carry the concept of sandbox!

    12. Strike-Force Mode will be integrated in the campaign mode.

    13. Right you are, you still will see the epic Zombie Mode in this second series.

    14. Zombie Mode will be available in a variety of modes and types.

    15. Your choice to run the Strike Force missions and the results you get will affect the story you get.

    16. Not only appear as "arcade gaming" that allows you to kill all alone, on the Black Ops 2 You will also be required to control the squad and give orders.

    17. All multiplayer missions will take the setting in 2025, with no mission at all in 1980.

    18. The console will still come up with a framerate of 60 fps.

    19. PC gamers can rejoice because Activision also promises the quality graphics are much better with DirectX 11 support.

    20. By 2025, America will be led by a woman president!

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