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    Dragon Warrior Launches into Conquer Online on October 30th

    Conquer Online is getting ready to welcome the latest playable class into the game on October 30th. The Dragon Warrior will arrive to give players an opportunity to try out a Kung Fu fighting style complete with nunchucks!
    Introduced as a battle type class with powerful attack and combo skills, the combat video shows how the Dragon Warrior holds up in real battle against other classes using his unique skills. He is a specialist at attacking and dealing physical damage. The skills of the Dragon Warrior feature the golden Chinese ink effects, as well as the figure of the dragon, and can be performed with nunchucks. The Control skill is introduced in Conquer Online for the first time, which allows the Dragon Warrior to control the tempo of the fight and be at an advantage, all the time.
    The storyline for this new hero goes as world of Conquer will soon have a new threat. For as long as war has raged, heroes from every class have aimed to master the art of battle. When most martial artists were subjugated by the Ninja class, it was Lee-Long who brought hope to the dim world.
    Find out more about this formidable class on the Conquer Online site.

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