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    Games Steam Free (Tremor Games)

    Guys, do not know if you guys know, but it has an internet site which gives game for free on Steam:

    Link: Tremor Games

    This site works like this: they have various promotions and tests to be seen and done. So when you watch an advertisement (video), accesses a site, buys a mobile game ... you earn coins. With these coins you can buy the game for Steam (digital computer games). It's pretty cool, I'm using NO VIRUS (only takes care programs to download).

    Using the link up there, I become your friend in the system ... who have questions can ask me and I'll help you get started. 've got 3 games there: Zeno Clash 2, Mirror's Edge and Batman Arkham Asylum!



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    Let me see if i get it
    You need to play that flash games and complete achievements them trade to steam credits to get the steam game


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