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    5 Street Online pcg file structure

    Here is a structure of pcg files from 5 Street Online.

    //--- 010 Editor v3.1.2 Binary Template
    // File: 5 Street Online pcg structure
    // Author: Dwar
    // Revision: 2010-10-24
    // Purpose: PCG file unpack/repack

    char PCGSig[13]; //File Sig
    int unk;
    int fCount; //File count
    byte header[40];
    struct fList {
    struct block {
    ubyte PathLength; //File path length
    ubyte sign;
    if ( sign == 0xff) {
    char PCGSig[256 - PathLength];
    else char PCGSig[PathLength];
    int fSize; //File size
    byte hash[32]; //Fie hash
    int fOffset; //File offset
    int unk3[19];
    local int i;
    for (i=0; i < fCount+1; i++)
    block test;
    } file;[/syntax]
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    Repack/Rebuild PCG Files

    Hi sir, can you please guide me through on how to repack/rebuild PCG Files? The script gives me error on QuickBMS while repacking/rebuilding/reimporting the files.

    Error: invalid command block or arguments -1 at line 30

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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