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    Dragon Nest PAK Resource Packer variant 2

    This tool will open and make multiple .pak files at a time, and it should work for every version of the game


    Un-paking Files:
    • Open "DNPaker.exe".
    • Drag your .pak file(s) to the program's window.
    • It will output your .pak file(s) in a folder named the exact same thing as the .pak file's name. The folder it outputs to will be located in the same place your dragged your file from.

    Paking Files:
    • Open "DNPaker.exe".
    • Drag your folder(s) to the program's window.
    • It will output your folder(s) as .pak files. Please note that whatever the folder is named, your .pak will be named, so re-name it as needed(resource01-xxx.pak for example).

    Please note that if you have any blank folders in your folder directory when paking the files, the folders with no items in them will not be included in the .pak file.

    • Remember, the folder/.pak file will always output to the place where you dragged over your folder/.pak file from under the same name as your folder/.pak file(if not, try refreshing your desktop).
    • You must have your files inside a folder to make it a .pak file. It will not .pak a file that is not contained in a folder.
    • If you are having an error pop up when trying to .pak a folder, re-naming the folder to "resource" will fix that issue.

    Author: greensea

    Virustotal result: 5%

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