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    forsaken world Bard guide

    I've worked on this build for quite some time and decided to share it with you guys. Of course my own bard isn't max level yet, but I played full Light (and Wind for a bit) on Nyos so I know how all the talents I pick work xD

    I'll also explain why I picked each talent and how important they are.
    I'll give a color to each target to point out their importance:
    Blue: Vital talent, get ASAP.
    Yellow: Important talent, get after vital talent.
    Red: Filler talent, only chosen to unlock next row.

    As for my build, I first put 14 points into Wind, before getting light talents.


    First Row:
    Zephyr - Only put one point in this to unlock Wind Melody Knowledge.
    Infuriate - Important, gives a fully stacked courage a 75 atk boost.

    Second Row:
    Wind Melody Knowledge - Important, lowers CD on all your wind skills.

    Third Row:
    Gentle Sway - Makes your buffs (including baptism and majesty, which is my main reason for speccing into wind in the first place) 20% more effective.


    First Row:
    You only use this row to unlock further talents. Personally I picked Blessings of Light, 'cause I liked the health boost it gives, but if you want to do a bit more damage instead you could go for Advanced Harmony of Light.

    Second Row:
    Sustained Melody - Makes your hymn skills (thus baptism) last longer. It's also the most useful out of the 4 talents.
    Divine Music of Light - Filler Talent. Only put 2 points in it to unlock the next row, put a third in it later if you unlock a new row.

    Third Row:
    Solo of Light - Your self-heal which also makes you heal more and has a chance to trigger Angelic Harmony. Get lvl1 ASAP and put points in it whenever possible.
    Halo - Increases the range of your buffs, which is always useful.
    Stare - Filler Talent, only got this to unlock something later on. Don't put points in it, until there's nothing else to put points into.

    Fourth Row:
    Light of Life - Lowers CD on your main heal, get ASAP.
    Divine Shower - Boosts the def Majesty gives, it's useful, but there's more important talents out there.
    Melody of Light - Boosts your Light Mastery, it's one of the more useful filler talents. Get this before other filler talents.

    Fifth Row:
    Angelic Chorus - Has a 30% (45 if you get a rune) chance to lower CD and mana cost of your heals. It's useful, max ASAP.
    Advanced Solo of Light - It lowers the CD on your self-heal and makes it heal more. There's more important talents though.

    Sixth Row:
    Notes of Light - Lowers CD on your offensive Light skills, max it.

    Seventh Row:
    I hate the 7th row. I find Improved Chord of Light useless, because I'm support and no DD and I could never really find a use for Song of Life either. I guess that's a matter of opinion though, because I know some people who love Song of Life.

    Eight Row:
    Bath of Light - Improves the heals Baptism gives, it's important.
    Chant of Revival - One of the things that makes a light bard an awesome healer, combat res. Get it ASAP. I personally never saw a point in putting more than one point in it though.
    Softening Melody - Awesome talent. Makes you heal the people affected by your buffs more. It's awesome.
    (I love the Eight Row xD)

    Ninth Row:
    Life Awaken - Best. Light. Talent. Ever. Resets the cooldown of your heals whenever you cast Majesty or Baptism. Max it as soon as you can, it's awesome. You need it.

    Tenth Row:
    Advanced Chant of Revival - Filler Talent. You can take Solo of Wind (in the Wind tree) instead of this if you have trouble keeping Courage up.

    Just for the record, I don't claim to be an expert on bards or anything. Just thought some people would think this is helpful.

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