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    Thumbs up Can instruct to use Cheat Engine with with Forsaken Word

    Error use Cheat Engine to find baseadd and offset. You can help me out.

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    which server are you?
    i've tried on BR and INDO server, but seems like protected inside the game...

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    Unfortunately cheat engine doesn't actually change anything in FW. You can use the speed hack, but it'll just crash your game after a couple minutes, something to do with the game/computer clock not being in sync.

    in any case, what ever you change in-game, be it, the number of eyrda leaves you have or the quantity of mana tonics, cheat engine only changes the face value of the item.

    basically what im saying is that cheat engine cannot change the actual value or number of what ever it is that you're looking to change.

    for example: say you have 50 mana tonics and you want 1000. you use cheat engine to isolate the mana tonic address and change it from 50 to 1000. in your bag it will say that you have 1000 mana tonics. even when you start to use them, the number will stay at 1000, but once you've used 50 of them, that's it, no more. despite the fact that it says you have 1000.
    like i said, it'll change the face value, but not the value itself.

    i've tested this theory many times. cheat engine is worthless in FW

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    logic dude,u can use just 50 tonics cause is from server part,db xD
    same with mana,u can create 1 hit kll in this game ,u need to trick the server and send fake packets

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