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    work in progress bot

    24 hours ago i started doing some autoit for the first time working all day to get some results (so far i'm pretty happy!)

    i'll spare you the boring stuff

    i plan on reworking it entirely as its currently cant do much
    -pointer/offset stuff for hp,mp(and hostile hp but i'm having trouble with that)
    -separate file for skills
    -usable for others then just me
    -find a better method of sending the key strokes (instead of putting the game as active window every time it wants to send)

    Version 0.0001
    -it by pressing 1 will it start the actual script and at any time pressing esc will shutdown the entire operation.
    -presses key 2,3,4 to the game by use of WinGetHandle (Game Title) (this is were it will break for you)
    -presses tab and uses mana potion from 5 (not balanced)
    -why don't you just look at the code it yourself :P?...

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