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    Forsaken World Quest Folia Nightmare [45] Special Quest

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    This quest is achieved through the "Green Bottle" which is achieved during the fishing quest to retrieve the rod from the fisherman. (I do not remember the details of this quest, just that the bottle can be when trying to catch the fish of the Underworld).

    Folia Nightmare

    First Step.

    You must have meat Nightmare.

    Step Two.

    Go to Forest Lunagrant Look for the NPC and Gazrot (Basically tighten U Guide Available, click two times and see the level needed for quests (1)), the quest sends the Next: 10 MATE italics. ok! After the Quest you will receive JUICY BEEF AND GRIFFIN, After that, Press M and proceed to the Far West of the Spirit of the Great Tree, you will find the flies in this location, click the meat juicy Grinfo near the flies and they will attack the meat end-to-use, wait until you pick up an item, ready, you have to fly Ova.

    Third step.

    Go to the Sunset Cemetery, Urge Use Angeric NPC, he will make you look a headstone in the cemetery (no mysteries, plus remember to do this quest with the HP Full as the "Curse" consumes only 2k HP and 500 ), delivering the item (Bone cursed) it will give him the Urn combust.

    Step Four.


    Use the Urn combust (or coffin) with meat and roe fly nightmare in your inventory.

    Keep Your Eye on the Buffs Bar Expecting a "Buff Fork knife" appears (Preserving Meat Nightmare) When it appears, Click on INSTANT Urn combust to come MEAT SPECIAL NIGHTMARE,
    This buff takes 2-5 minutes.

    Will appear in your inventory MEAT SPECIAL NIGHTMARE.

    To avoid errors, expect the Buff Knife and Fork Exit.

    After that, Use the CAULDRON OF DREAMS.

    You get a big pot in the middle of the boat.
    You have come to expect the same Buff that appeared when you were seasoning meat (Buff Fork and Knife).

    So you see the Buff, the INSTANT Cate, Pronto! FOLLIES OF NIGHTMARE!

    (If you fail at some point, the quest Gazrot Angeric and can be done again after 30 minutes.)

    Reward 23 coins and a fruit of wisdom.

    If there is any mistake please correct me. Thank you and good game!

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