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    Forsaken World Instance - Reinforcing the fort

    Event "Reinforcing the Fort" the Fort Khoaway instance available in Freedom Harbor only on Monday nights. The Fort Khoaway instance opens up at 7:00pm server time.

    Fort Khoaway is a timed instance where you have to defend the fort from incoming monsters that come from a spawn point from the north. The monsters filter through 2-lanes where defensive positions can be taken by the players and a small insignificant amount of computer aided protection a few barriers Captain Charlotte , cannons and a number of defending knights.

    Your goal is to defend Morin for 25 and half minutes as he stands in the back of the fort dawdling around till time runs out. IF MORIN DIES YOU LOSE. So preparing for this instance takes a lot more planning than it does for a lot of other instances. Make sure you have food mp/hp 5’s or lesser equivalent . Health and mana pots enough to last 30 minutes and then some.

    Group composition suggestions:
    1. 2 tank types characters
    2. 1 well qualified healer
    3. 3 damage dealers with aoe / 2 damage dealers & 1 off-healer/support

    Whether or not you choose to use this composition for your group doesn’t mean you will fail but it could certainly help aid your situation.

    Situate a tank type on each lane, the more tankish one on the left side with 2 dd’s or dd and off healer/support. The primary priest in the center of the between the two lanes and the other tank and dd on the right lane.

    The monsters attack with 2 different variations . The frontal assault which is common and will have the most of the forces, and the surprise attack which has monsters fall off the cliff into the back of the fort. There is a message that pops up In the chat because from the system saying that monsters are attacking in the back. These are two successful group layouts that have proven to grant the most success based on guild members experiences.


    Crusted Fiends

    You will be facing waves of monsters the first warm ups are full of gargoyle type monsters which are fairly weak. These crusted fiends types are also the ones that launch the surprise attack in the back of the fort. They are easily AOED by DD classes, send 1 or 2 of your dd’s back to handle them if there is a suprise attack is made on the back of the fort.


    These lightning mouthed hound don’t hit very hard but have a larger amount of hp then crusted fiends.

    Hellbound Souls

    These ghost looking *******s silence up the wazoo though they are not very tough, they can devastate a party if they start silencing everyone. Suggest making these guys a major priority in killing and try to kill them before they come within range of healers and primary damage dealers classes.

    Horror Soldiers

    These are the guys which really pack a punch combined with packs of Hellbound souls if your healers are silenced you are going to be praying your potions last you until your healer is out of silence. They are the last type of mob that comes out the enemy spawn before the main boss. Suggest taking these as 2nd targets after Hellbound souls since they hit the hardest out of the normal mobs.

    Terror Legionnaire

    This is the boss mob that spawns during the final wave of attacks out on Fort Khoaway. Its attack power is fairly strong but it technically isn’t necessary to defeat him. As long as the timer completes this big lug becomes unnecessary considering he doesn’t drop any loot. It takes as long as a normal boss to kill but he doesn’t have any special abilities, no stuns no bleeds no aoe. Killing him will complete one of the four achievement requirements for fort khoaway.


    The Forsaken World Developers were kind enough to throw in a little extra support. Your team will be aided by knights a few cannons and barricades to stop the enemies from approaching. The Barricades are nice since the horde of mobs like targeting these first when the players have been completely overwhelmed. The reason this is a good thing is cause counted towards your overall ranking which is judged by the game depends on how many NPC knights are still alive at the end. This is where it gets annoying if your team is trying to aim for the achievements for this instance.
    If a knight soldier dies in the field they spawn kneeling in the back of the fort in the lower right corner. This is the bleed stage, if they bleed out the npc soldier dies, a player has to run back double click and bandage the soldier before they bleed out after which they will spawn back into fighting mode up front.

    Moron Morin …

    Making sure Morin stays alive and kicking is your primary objective if he dies its over the dungeon will close after 30 seconds. When an ambush occurs they will be pouring onto him. Have your fast aoe person go back or stay back there and take out the crusted fiends that Morin tends to grab a lot of mobs at once.

    Kiting is your Friend

    As a last ditch effort if all your team starts to fail, Kiting mobs as long as Morin stays up can be done but will eventual end in a demise if you can’t take hits.

    Fort Khoaway has the following Achievement Goals;
    Activity and Adventures
    1. Weekly Theme
    2. Stage Monday
      • Guard Fort Khoaway
        Enter Fort Khoaway on Monday for the first Time
      • Hold the Keep
        Successfully Hold the fort till the timer runs out
      • The Last Blow!
        Kill the Terror Legionnaire
      • Successful Fight
        No soldiers die during the length of the instance quest

    As for rankings it will grade you upon completion of the timer and the reward changes depending on how well you did, SS ranking without any soldiers death will give four scrolls of re-identification each ranking decreasing in the amount of scrolls and gold you will receive.
    by GC

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