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    Forsaken World Differences between Human and Elf


    Human - Pray: removes sleep, silent, bind and stun status and becomes immune to such effects for 4 seconds + recovers 25% MP.

    Elf - Natural Extraction: stuns target for 5 seconds + drains targets MP equal to 5% your MP(drains 6 times).

    Human - Blessing of the Humans: increases all masteries by 5 + increases max HP by 1%.

    Elf - Blessing of the Elves: increases all resistances by 5 + increases accuracy by 5 + increases max MP by 1%.



    Natural Healing

    Human - reduces cooldown of Heal(-.5 second per level) + and reduces mana cost(5% per level).

    Elf - using Heal will activate Natural Protection which enhances healing effect(+5% per level) for 10 seconds.

    Instant Healing/First Aid

    Human - Instant Healing: increases healing effect of the first tick of Light of Healing(+100 per level) plus a certain % of caster's max MP(+1% per level).

    Elf - First Aid: reduces the cool down of Light of Healing(-1 second per level).

    Recuperate/Enhanced Healing

    Human - Recuperate: increases duration of Light of Healing(+2 seconds per level)

    Elf - Enhanced Healing: increases Light of Healing's heal effect(+50 per level) plus a certain % of caster's max MP(+.5% per level).

    Rapid Healing/Light of Nature

    Human - Rapid Healing: increases chance(+20% per level) to heal 200%(+50% per level) the regular amount to the target.

    Elf - Light of Nature: Light of Healing has a chance(+20% per level) to take effect immediately when used on a target withNatural Protection.


    Magic Prism/Retribution

    Human - Magic Prism: light attack skills deal extra damage(+100 per level) and more damage based on caster's light mastery(+25% per level) to targets with Conviction Mark on them.

    Elf - Retribution: increases the base damage(+5% per level) of light attack skills when you're under the effects of Natural Protection.


    Human - increases accuracy and evasion(+3 per level)

    Elf - increases evasion(+5 per level)


    Realm of Ice/Devouring Stream

    Human - Realm of Ice: water attack skills have a chance to freeze(+15% per level) slowed targets for 3 seconds.

    Elf - Devouring Stream: water attack skills have a chance to stun(+7% per level) slowed targets for 3 seconds.

    Severe Punishment/Conviction

    Human - Severe Punishment: the MP loss caused by Divine Judgment is increased(+200 per level) per tick + deals damage equal to 30% of the MP loss on a slowed target.

    Elf - Conviction: the MP loss caused by Divine Judgment is increased(+200 per level) per tick + ensnares a slowed target for 3 seconds.
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    human warrior is always better than elf my friend's warrior had about 300 wind ele

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