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    Forsaken World tutorial for Beginners

    This guide covers the very basics.

    Ok first thing to do is make our character in the forsaken world after you picked your server which is best suited to you, a screen will pop up with a race and class menu simply pick the race and class you wish to play.

    Ok i picked human mage for an example once you picked your race you will be taken to your customising screen simply pick what you wish ( dont copy me plz =P)

    Once you have done that you will be taken to the name screen and a unqiue birthday bit where u pick a birthday for your character this will be linked to your star sign which i can explain in detail in just a second simply pick the date and star sign you prefer or even do your on birth date.

    Currently no picture, not sure why, when OB is out i will update this thought i doubt its needed

    Ok like i said there is a unique star sign reward system in forsaken world now you pray when the your sign is there at the top or in the other 2 spaces basicly only pray if you sign is named up the top. You will gain exp depending on your level and you may gain a gift for example exp scrolls if your really lucky you may gain better rewards. You only get 4 pray chances in which you still gain exp from other signs but probaly not as much and you will not gain a reward.

    Ok this next screenshot shows you the menu if you ever gained a reward from prayer since you just started your character you wont be able to pray right now untill u gain the prayer book, so instead we gain some gears to help us out =P

    Ok the story quests or main quest line are always in gold or yellow text its important that you always do these quest as you gain gears and job points which are used for crafting jobs which a npc after the start town will explain just read what he says =P

    Another important system you should know is the achviement system this is great as is give you something to work towards, aswell as gaining rewards and titles.

    You get these cards in your items and they are achivement cards simply right click them note the green text saying collectable it means you can get it, if that text is gray means you have it all ready.

    Press L to bring up the achivments menu the trophy symbols will tell what rewards you will gain if you get that number of achviements.

    OK least but not last the "Exp skill" this is important since it helps alot when killing lots of mobs or God's trail or other dungeon which allow you to use this skill simple right click or drag into your equips menu which you can press C to bring up

    Ok and when you gain these gems it means you can upgrade your exp skill and make it better please note that certain stones are used for certain exp skill stones but your will learn more later during the main quest.

    Simply remove your exp skill stone into your item bag and right click the upgrade stone then requip your skill stone and there you go.

    by redwingpixie

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    thanks! Help me a lot

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