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    Human and Elf Glacial Priest

    A glacial priest is the best kind of priest in terms of PvP. There is a slight difference between humans and elves. An elven glacial priest specializes in stuns, ensnares, and AoEing in GvGs. A human freezes instead of stunning. This guide will focus on the Glacial tree to further improve your offensive abilities instead of healing.

    Human and Elven Differences

    Human - Pray: removes sleep, silent, bind and stun status and becomes immune to such effects for 4 seconds + recovers 25% MP.

    Elf - Natural Extraction: stuns target for 5 seconds + drains targets MP equal to 5% your MP(drains 6 times).

    Human - Blessing of the Humans: increases all masteries by 5 + increases max HP by 1%.

    Elf - Blessing of the Elves: increases all resistances by 5 + increases accuracy by 5 + increases max MP by 1%.

    Talent Differences

    Human - Realm of Ice: water attack skills have a chance to freeze(+15% per level) slowed targets for 3 seconds.

    Elf - Devouring Stream: water attack skills have a chance to stun(+7% per level) slowed targets for 3 seconds.

    Human - Severe Punishment: the MP loss caused by Divine Judgment is increased(+200 per level) per tick + deals damage equal to 30% of the MP loss on a slowed target.

    Elf - Conviction: the MP loss caused by Divine Judgment is increased(+200 per level) per tick + ensnares a slowed target for 3 seconds.

    Whats Better?

    IMO, an elven priest has way more advantages than a human. The only skills you should be using while in Prayer of Frost is water skills; Frost Concentration and Holy Prayer - Enigma in a 1v1, and Ice Blade Strike in big wars. The stun is obviously better than freeze, and the stun effect activates the second you cast a slowing skill. Also an elven racial skill not only stuns the target, it can drain ALOT of mana from other players - i mean almost 100% and if not, your pet can do the rest.

    Build Setup(Elf) lvl 70

    Prayer of Frost is the skill that makes a glacial priest so powerful. During Prayer of Frost you should be able to spam Frost Concentration and Holy Prayer - Enigma in a 1v1, and Ice Blade Strike in big wars. The damage of those skills SKYROCKET. Wrinkling Water is one of the best talents you can have, as it increases the damage of your water skills and your heal by 1.5 times your water mastery. Lets say you have 700 water mastery, that will give you 1050 extra damage and 1050 heal effect.

    Note: Light of Salvation talent is currently broken, whenever they fix it, transfer the points from


    I DO NOT RECOMMEND GETTING SHARD SETS FOR A GLACIAL PRIEST. Your best bet is either sets that give water mastery, along with either attack, hp, or evasion OR crafted gears(the crafting bonus helps ALOT) that gives you critical rate, critical damage, water mastery, water attack, hp, or evasion attributes. Same attributes for identified stats.


    Goldspark Gem - critical increase
    Shattershard Gem - critical damage
    Ragefire Gem - AP increase
    Bloodstone Gem - HP increase

    Eagle-eye Jade Gem - accuracy increase
    Mist Shade Gem - evasion increase
    Twilight Gem - crit dodge increase
    Azure Cloud Gem (only use if lvl 3 or higher, for racial purposes) - MP increase

    1. Get HIGH water mastery, get a good off hand that gives you water mastery and a pet with Ocean Array(+60 water mastery), and make sure you have a warrior in your party for mastery buff.
    2. Activate Prayer of Frost before a pvp starts, during the count down timer.
    3. NEVER use Divine Strike during prayer of frost.
    4. Cast Ice Sealed Confession when Prayer of Frost ends.
    5. Only heal when you have 60% HP left.
    6. DON'T STAND IN 1 SPOT. Kite enemies and try to go the the direction where the orbs are.
    7. Save racial skill and Light of Sanctuary for whenever opponent gets red hand.

    Easter Eggs
    1. The stun from Devouring Steam activates even before the slow is applied.
    2. Priests will get a light attack later end game that has AoE Mana Drain DOT from a skill scroll.

    by pewpeww

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