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    Forsaken World PvE Divine Priest

    A Divine specialized priest is the main healing class in Forsaken world. Both humans and elves have the ability to become priests. According to the race you choose, your abilities as a priest will be slightly different. The priest specializes in single target healing, buffing, and resurrection for allies and party members. This guide will focus on the Divine tree to further improve your ability to heal and support your party as you quest and participate in dungeons with groups.

    Notes: This is a guide for Divine priests who wish to engage in primarily PvE; Player Versus Environment content. Obviously some of the information in this guide may be inaccurate if you wish to engage in PvP; Player Versus Player content

    Priest Skills:
    Heal:Restores HP to your current target. There is a 2% chance to critically heal for double the amount you would normally heal. (This is your basic healing spell.)

    Divine Light: Restores HP to your current target each second for 4 seconds. The last tick of the heal will heal for double the amount. Increases the target's max HP by 2000 for 10 seconds. There is a 4% chance to double the healing effect. (This spell is acquired through talent points in the Divine tree. This skill is rather useless, and your character is stuck in a channeled healing state for 4 seconds, in which a party member could die. Light of Healing costs less mana, and heals for more. The overall consensus across the game/forums is to skip this spell and not waste talent points in it.)

    Divine Shield: Applies a shield to the target that absorbs 80% damage for 20 seconds. The shield can absorb damage up to 60% of the target's max HP. (Rank 1; has 2 ranks, and can further be improved by a 2nd tier talent Immortal Shield, with 3 ranks.)

    Light of Healing: Restores HP to your current target, and restores additional HP every 2 seconds for 6 seconds to the current target. There is a 2% chance to critically heal for double the amount you would normally heal. (This is your heal over time spell; HoT. Always try and keep it up on the tank whenever possible.)

    Light of Sanctuary: Restores HP to all party members within range. The amount of healing is dependent on caster's maximum HP. This skill is not affected by controlling effects; stun/silence, and generates no threat. (This spell is your only party heal but has a 5 minute cool down so it should only be used as an emergency heal.)

    Light of Resurrection: Revives the current target with 10% HP and MP. It is only usable when out of combat. (This is your resurrection spell. If inside an instance, party members can either revive themselves at the entrance, or you can ask them to wait till you get out of combat so they can be resurrected. If you stop healing for a few seconds you will not be in combat.)

    Blessings of Life: A blessing that increases max HP of all party members within range. Lasts for 30 minutes.

    Blessings of Fortune: A blessing that increases the target's Crit Defense, Accuracy, Evasion, and all Masteries. Lasts for 30 minutes.

    Blessings of Gale: A blessing that increases the target's movement speed by 50% for a short period of time.

    Blessings of Tenacity: A blessing that increases the target's defense. Lasts for 30 minutes.

    Divine Strike:A Light damage dealing spell that deals 100% damage in addition to bonus damage. (This is your basic damage spell.)

    Frost Concentration: A Water damage spell that deals 150% damage in addition to bonus damage. It also slows the target by 50% for a few seconds. (This is another damage spell you can cast that has a longer recharge.)

    Holy Prayer - Enigma: A Water damage spell that deals 100% damage in addition to bonus damage. There is a 25% chance that this spell will absorb a small amount of the target's MP. (This is another damage spell you can cast, however it does less damage than Frost Concentration and costs more mana.)

    Ice Blade Strike: A Water damage spell that deals 100% damage in addition to bonus damage to all targets within a 90 degree frontal arc. It has a 25% chance to slow the targets by 50% for 3 seconds. (This is your first priest area of effect; AoE spell.)

    Damnation: A curse that reduces the target's attack and all resistances for several seconds. Grants a 40% chance to dismount the target by attacking. (This is a very useful curse to keep on bosses.)

    Spiritual Enlightenment: This is a passive skill that increases your max MP by a certain %.

    Soul Barrier: This is a passive skill that increases your defense.

    Differences between Humans and Elves:

    Racial Buff: Each race gets access to a different buff that lasts 30 minutes.

    • The Human racial buff increases all mastery by 5 and HP by 1%.
    • The Elven racial buff increases accuracy by 5, all resistances by 5, and max MP by 1%.

    Racial Skill: Each race gets access to a different skill that is usable every 5 minutes.

    • The Human racial skill instantly recovers 25% of max MP and prevents & removes controlling effects for the next 4 seconds.
    • The Elven racial skill ensnares a target for 5 seconds while draining MP equal to 5% of caster's max MP every second, for 5 seconds.

    Talents: There are various talent differences in the Divine talent tree between the human and elven race such as...

    Natural Healing:
    • Human: Reduces the cool down of Heal by 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0 seconds, and reduces it's mana cost by 5/10/15/20%.
    • Elf: Heal will generate a Natural Protection buff on the target, increasing healing effects by 5/10/15/20%. Lasts 10 seconds.

    Instant Healing:

    • Human: Increases the average healing effect of Light of Healing by 100/200/300 plus 1/2/3% of caster's max MP for the first heal.
    • Elf: Reduces the cool down of Light of Healing by 1/2/3 seconds.


    • Human: Improves the duration of Light of Healing by 2/4 seconds.
    • Elf: Increases Light of Healing's healing effect by 50/100/150 plus 0.5/1.0/1.5% of caster's max MP for each heal.

    Combined Healing:

    • Human: If Heal is used on a target under the effects of Light of Healing, recovers target's mana by 1/2/3/4% of caster's max MP.
    • Elf: If Heal is used on a target under the effects of Light of Healing or Natural Protection, recovers target's mana by 1.0/1.5/2.0% of caster's max MP. If target is under the effect of both buffs, target recovers mana twice. Casting Heal on a target without Natural Protection or Light of Healing will still recover target's mana once.

    Rapid Healing:

    • Human: Heal has a 20/40/60% chance to heal 200/250/300% the regular amount to the target.
    • Elf: Light of Healing has a 20/40/60% chance to take effect immediately when the target has Natural Protection buff.

    So which race should I pick?
    Human priests may have a slight advantage in serious PvP due to their ability to reduce the cool down on Heal, in addition to their racial that removes them from controlling effects and restores 25% of their mana. (5min CD).

    Because of the racial differences that elves and humans get with their two main heals; Heal and Light of Healing, it seems as if Elves are slightly more capable of pumping out stronger heals overtime with Light of Healing. However, humans seem to be more mana efficient in the long run, which could be a lifesaver during those tough boss fights.

    I would say the most notable differences are the reduced cool downs on Heal for Humans, and Light of Healing for elves, the rest of the talent differences will most likely go unnoticed.

    The differences between races really aren't all that significant in my opinion, both races are just as capable at healing, hopefully this will just help you to further specialize your character or make an easier decision for you based on your play style.

    Divine Talent Tree Specialization (For Humans):
    This setup takes advantage of the improved Blessings of Life buff, reduced cool down for Heal, and the mana efficiency of Throttle, as well as other nice talents. *Note: While there are talents to improve Light of Sanctuary and the cool down, it can only be reduced by 1 minute, leaving it at a 4 minute cool down. It is only necessary to place 1 point in brilliance so that you can place a point in God's Bestowal, to increase the healing effect of Light of Sanctuary. Also, while Tranquility may seem like a very useful skill, in PvE situations your heal is not interrupted often and the threat reduction is not worth the points, they can better be used elsewhere.

    Breakdown of Talents According to Level (Up to Lvl 52):
    • Blessed Recovery (5/5) : Lvl 20~24
    • Wheel of Luck (3/3) : Lvl 25~27
    • Brilliance (1/2) : Lvl 28 >> Only 1 point is necessary in brilliance in order to reach the 2nd tier of this skill; God's Bestowal.
    • Blooming Life (1/5) : Lvl 29 >> This skill will be maxed at a later point, for now it is just a filler to get further into the tree.
    • Natural Healing (4/4) : Lvl 30~33
    • God's Bestowal (1/2) : Lvl 34 >> No more than 1 point is really necessary in this talent.
    • Instant Healing (3/3) : Lvl 35~37
    • Throttle (4/4) : Lvl 38~41
    • Blooming Life (4/5) : Lvl 38~44 >> Add more points into Blooming Life to reach further into the tree.
    • Recreation (2/2) : Lvl 45~46
    • Blooming Life (5/5) : Lvl 47 >> Max Blooming Life.
    • Source of Magic (2/4) : Lvl 48~49 >> This skill will be maxed at a later point, for now it is just a filler to get further into the tree.
    • Healing Spirit (3/3) : Lvl 50~52

    Placement of Talents: PvE

    This, in my eyes, appears to be the most efficient choice of talent distribution points for a party oriented (PvE) specialized Divine Priest. There are 2 leftover talent points that could possibly be added to Combined Healing, Tranquility, or Brilliance and God's Bestowal. Having not actually made it that far into the game, this is obviously tentative and just my opinion at the moment.

    Healing Gear:

    This armor is level 10~15, each piece costs 4 Obsidian shards each. You can buy this armor from the Fleet of Myth : Gear Exchanger - Zoodle (Beginner).
    Includes: Healer Suit, Healer Pants, Healer Belt, Healer Wristband, and Healer Boots.

    Set Bonuses:
    • Set (2): Defense +15
    • Set (3): Defense +23
    • Set (4): Health +242
    • Set (5): Attack +65

    Notes: The set bonuses are pretty lackluster for a Divine priest. Do not bother to get the 5th set item unless it is an upgrade from your previous armor piece.

    This armor is level 20~25, each piece costs 6 Ruby shards each. You can buy this armor from the Fleet of Myth : Gear Exchanger - Zoodle (Beginner).
    Includes: Holylight Suit, Holylight Pants, Holylight Belt, Holylight Wristband, Holylight Boots, and Holylight Pauldron.

    Set Bonuses:
    • Set (2): Defense +20
    • Set (3): Defense +29
    • Set (4): Health +316
    • Set (5): Attack +82
    • Set (6): Water Mastery +15

    Notes: The set bonuses are pretty lackluster for a Divine priest. Do not bother to get the 5th or 6th set items unless they are an upgrade from your previous armor pieces.

    This armor is level 30~35, each piece costs 8 Sapphire shards each. You can buy this armor from the Fleet of Myth : Gear Exchanger - Zoodle (Beginner).
    Includes: Mercyhand Suit, Mercyhand Pants, Mercyhand Belt, Mercyhand Wristband, Mercyhand Boots, Mercyhand Pauldron, and Mercyhand Hat.

    Set Bonuses:
    • Set (2): Mana +553
    • Set (3): Defense +34
    • Set (4): Health +385
    • Set (5): Attack +97
    • Set (6): Evasion +5
    • Set (7): Critical Damage +10%

    Notes: The set bonus is alright, the extra mana is a nice boost, but the 5th, 6th, and 7th set items are unnecessary unless they are an upgrade from your previous armor pieces.


    • When gearing your priest, opt for gear that gives you plenty of mana. As a divine priest mana is especially important because with the correct talents, it not only prolongs your ability to heal, but it improves them, allowing you to heal for larger numbers.

    • Health is also an important factor. In addition to raising your max HP, it is also a factor in determining how much your Light of Sanctuary will heal for. The more health you have, the more you Light of Sanctuary will heal.

    + Heal Effect
    • Until level 60, priest set items do not include healing bonuses so you may want to find blue items with +healing effect to improve your heals.

    + Crit Heal Rate
    • You may also find +crit heal rate items to be useful in order to further improve your Healing Spirit Talent.


    Azure Cloud Gems: These gems increase your total MP.


    This is the current job set up of my priest as of level 35 (in CB4; I stopped leveling after it was announced they would go OB the 9th).

    • Jobs are incredibly helpful and useful for your character, and they can take some of the heat off grinding for your next level.
    • I will only be discussing 3 jobs for now, I may add more later. The 3 most important jobs as a beginning character, especially as a priest, are Botanist, Alchemist, and Cook. All of these jobs can be learned at level 10 provided you have enough Job Points which are received for completing Main Quests.

    • Botanist is a gathering job. You will be given a spade with which you are able to gather resources such as plants, herbs, and flowers. Many of the resources that you gather as a botanist will be necessary ingredients for your Alchemist and Cook jobs, so make sure to save them. Make sure to collect resources as you level, so that you don't move to a new area only to discover your gathering level isn't high enough.
    • You can learn the Botanist job from Daise - Botany Tutor in Craftsman Fair located in Freedom Harbor at level 10.

    This is an example of the Botany menu.

    • Alchemist is a job that focuses on the creation of potions and elixirs. As an alchemist you will be able to create potions to restore MP, potions that restore HP, potions that give you temporary boosts to stats, and even potions that give you a small chunk of exp. Many of the resources you gather as a Botanist will be necessary ingredients for your recipes as an Alchemist. Potions can be used in combat and will be needed to restore mana during those tough fights or long boss encounters. As a priest, always make sure you are stocked up on mana potions and/or elixirs before you set out to do dungeons with other players, a priest with no mana is not useful to anyone.
    • You can learn the Alchemist job from Luia - Alchemy Tutor in Craftsman Fair located in Freedom Harbor at level 10.

    This is an example of the Alchemy menu.

    • Cooking is a job that focuses on the creation of food and drinks. Food and drinks can only be used outside of combat and can restore health and mana, respectively. They usually provide more health and mana than potions, so if you are in a party in a dungeon, make sure to let your team know that you need a few seconds to eat or drink to restore your health or mana. Some food and drinks also provide you with a temporary buff after drinking, such as increasing your accuracy. Many of the ingredients necessary for the Cook job will be available through your Botanist job.
    • You can learn the Cook job from (Chef) Michell - Cooking Tutor in Craftsman Fair located in Freedom Harbor at level 10.

    This is an example of the Cooking menu.

    Healing Tips and Suggestions:
    • Always make sure you have both mana and health potions as well as drinks before entering dungeons or questing with other players. Currently mana regen in this game is horrible and if you run out of mana and cannot keep your party alive it will most likely result in a wipe.
    • You do not need to keep every players health bar full at every moment, especially when you are in a dungeon in which players are killing trash mobs. Wait until players are around 60-75% before you heal them so that you are not overhealing and wasting mana.
    • If you have plenty of mana and time to do so, heal pets as well as players. They provide extra DPS and usually have decent buffs for their owners.
    • The Tank (usually a protector or a warrior) is ALWAYS your first priority. Sometimes someone may over aggro and you may find yourself surrounded by a lot more monsters than you were ready to face. In this situation, it is likely that you may not be able to keep everyone alive, DO NOT PANIC! Just try and keep everyone up to the best of your abilities, if one or two DPS party members fall but you are able to keep your tank up, more than likely you will be fine, it just may take longer.
    • Light of Sanctuary is your emergency "OH $#!%!" heal. Try and save it for situations in which multiple members of your party are low on health or you find yourself stunned, silenced, or unable to use other healing spells.
    • Many bosses have frontal AoE attacks in which you could take significant damage, whenever possible always ask your tank to position the boss with it's back towards you and the rest of your party to avoid unnecessary damage.
    • Always try and keep Light of Healing on the tank, the heal over time effect can help mitigate damage and save you mana instead of constantly casting a heal.
    • Whenever possible, if there is downtime and you have plenty of drinks, use one to restore your MP, you never know when you might need it. Always do this before boss fights and make sure everyone is ready before you go in.
    • Don't be afraid to throw in some damage dealing spells to help out your party if you aren't needing to heal very much, but make sure you save some mana in case you do end up needing to heal.

    by lushyyy (

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    hi thx for the great guide. picking elf over human cause of what u said.(u cause me to make up my mind

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    Level cap 80 guide

    This is an uncommon build for Divine Priest I was successfully using in both PvE and PvP, tho it was pretty debatable

    Why an elf?
    1. Divine Priest is not meant to be a damage dealer. Also can use attacks based on 2 masteries only, so human blessing is useless except for HP boost. Resistances are always useful, especially in PvP. Mana pool of Priest is higher than health pool (sometimes even in PvP), so 1% MP boost comes to be pretty effective. Mana improves healing and Divine Shield mitigation
    2. Racial active seems better for humans, as breaks some CC. However elven racial is much more effective in PvE (better sustain), in PvP can almost fully drain typical fighter classes and root the most of class-to-race combos
    3. Many classes don't even need a huge spike heal, as their health is pretty low. Usually it's more than enough to throw Light of Healing to refill around 30-50% of their health in just single tick. Throwing 3x LoH can do more healing/constant sustain than 3x Heal
    4. Light of Nature talent can work few times in a row for elves. Over a single natural protection an elven priestie usually has time to cast 2-3 LoH, it has slightly shorter cast time, so we can potentially do more burst healing with LoH than human with Rapid Healing + Heal

    Explanations on every talent:
    Divine tree:
    Blessed Recovery (4/5): No need to max this talent, but worth to put all remaining points here. 200 +5% MP seems decent to me
    Natural Healing (4/4): Definetely every single % of healing bonus is worth it. Also this buff is mandatory for many other talents, unlocks some combos
    Blooming Life (5/5): More health? Yes please, especially in PvP setups
    Brilliance (3/3): Both healing amount and cooldown reduction are important, especially in PvP. With this talent you can use this skill 2 times per 3v3 match
    God's Gift (2/2): Works the best with Angelic Harmony, AoE healing better than any light bard could offer
    Calmness (4/4): Pretty obvious, way better sustain
    Tranquility (4/4): Useful in both PvE and PvP. Aggro reduction makes tank's work easier and interruption resistance is a lifesaver in the arena
    First Aid (3/3): That's the talent making this skill so awesome, virtually removes the cooldown, letting you give constant sustain to everyone around
    Enchanced Healing (3/3): Doesn't really look great in those number, however LoH is ticking few times, multiplying this bonus. The most noticeable with Light of Nature
    Tenacious Heart (0/3 or 1/3 or 3/3): The most of people are puting here only 1 point, however I like to set a full hour duration on this buff. It's all up to you
    Armor of Light (0/3 or 3/3): Only useful in PvE, if you're aiming for it, then consider picking this talent. Helps not only tanks, even a little damage mitigation is always welcome, especially for squishies like mages
    Divine Shield (2/2): Another huge lifesaver, one of the best PvP skills as well. Worth to put here 2 points, shield strenght is insanely important in PvP
    Immortal Shield (3/3): Insane improvement to the shield. Priest has huge mana pool, what makes this shield absorb up to 2 more strikes
    Light of Nature (3/3): This talent allows you to stop fully focusing tank and start dealing some damage. Usually tank's health can fall to even 20% and still leave him in zone of safety, as good healer can combo in 2 seconds to refill 60% of health and put more spikes in the next 2 seconds
    Light of Benevolence (2/2): Another talent encouraging to become more offensive player. Some Ragefires are making priest stronger in solo PvE, while in group activities boosting every single heal by up to 25%. Works the best with Wind Bard, allowing to do AoE healing of Light Bard and really strong single-target healing
    Gift of the Goddess (3/3): Boost to everything, worth more than healing power gear
    Advent (3/3): Allows to maintain AoE healing all the time and makes it stronger. The best way to get rid of Light Bards and allow your party take a Wind Bard, the best speedrunning setup. Also makes our emergency skill even more useful
    Divined Extolment (2/2): Tho Divine Light is worthless, Divine Shield cooldown and cost is absolutely worth every single point in this talent. It provides almost constant damage mitigation, so important in the arena
    Purifying Light (0/1 or 1/1): This skill is questionable, tho if you're quick enough, might be really useful in the arena. Mind it can't dispel every negative effect. Works fine with Mages' Transform, that's the most important thing
    Rebel tree:
    Vigorous Blessing: 10% healing bonus (working with healing of all classes, including Blood Vampires and Bards) with just a single click, yes please! Also light accuracy is really nice, especially in PvP, allowing us to sleep enemies with better success chance (Holy Prayer - Trance)

    Optional talents:
    Fortune's Wheel: 6% healing bonus, working same way as Vigorous Blessing. If you really need it, then feel free to pick it over Blessing of Tenacity talents
    Holy Power: Talent tooltip is wrong. It's increasing our base damage by a %, making Sympathy even stronger, as long as we're not attacking. Also might be useful in the arena, to do a quick Divine Strike between heals

    Skill tips:
    For skill technical details visit the official FW Wiki hosted by PWE. Here I'm pointing some additional facts about skills
    • Divine Light talent skill is not really worth any points. Its cast time is way too long, at those 4 seconds we're able to throw 3x LoH or do spike heal with Heal + LoH + LoH combo. Short health boost is worthless, trying to overheal the bonus is just pure waste of mana and time
    • Divine Judgment seems to be something for Rebels, however it's generally useful PvP skill. Why not to burn mana of fighters and make Water Bards' life harder? Put bubble on and run between enemies, make them harmless!
    • Holy Prayer - Trance can be made into combo with Divine Judgment to put stronger sleep. Definetely worth it
    • Blessing of Gale is one of the most underrated skills. As its usefulness in PvE is close to none, in PvP it protects Divine Shield from being purged by Mages. Cast it right after bubble and don't move too much, so Mages won't notice this speed bonus and will try to remove the bubble

    • There are only 2 choices: arena gear or Aeon Spire set. Purple Champion and GoS sets are pretty useless, as they're lacking on utility and giving useless (in this case) masteries
    • Try to ID your set for healing power/damage, healing power/health, health/damage. A fail ID with some mana is never bad, as long as gives any health or damage
    • If you're quick enough, you don't need to stack too much healing power. I was fine running with around 700 healing power, sympathy and mana synergies are making enough healing. Feel free to take some damage over healing
    • Gem priority is Bloodstone > Ragefire > Azurecloud > Crystalline/Twilight for PvE and Bloodstone > Crystalline/Twilight > Ragefire > Azurecloud for PvP. I used to put at least 1 Goldspark for PvE, as I'm an offensive player
    • Use jewelry with blessing skill cost reduction, all healing skills count as blessings. Arena jewelry is also nice

    Everyting is up to you, depends completely on your playstyle
    • Blooming Life - every amount of HP boost matters, both in PvE and PvP
    • Holy Power - very useful with Sympathy and in solo PvE, tho not everyone can take advantage of this talent
    • Divine Shield - even more damage mitigation, it's a must for PvP and some world bosses
    • Calmness - 30% cost reduction in this talent is plain awesome, no more potion spam, better arena sustain
    • Enlightenment - if you're feeling really mana hungry, then make 1 point in this talent using a rune
    • Combined Healing - a must for PvP, try to stack as much as possible
    • Sacred Energy - something awesome for PvP. Almost permanent reflection and mana drain for everyone in your team. If you're quick enough, consider this little buff
    • Godly Might - Useful in both PvE and PvP, especially against Assassins and Dark Vampires
    • Devouring Stream - this talent applies automatically along with slow to your target, so it's guaranteed stun check on Frost Concentration and 25% for stun roll with Ice Blade Strike. If you're an offensive priest, you're using water skills, then this rune might be worth considering
    • Aqua Bestowal - bonus resistances on Blessing of Luck are really nice in PvE, it's 0.5% damage mitigation with every point in this talent
    • Siphon - useful in PvP for drains/sustain and in PvE for sustain only

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