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    [Memory Scanner] Psych Tool (Modified CE/UCE)

    Psych Tool v1 (Modified CE/UCE)
    Modified version of Cheat Engine
    Title: Psych Tool by Psych
    Author: Psych
    Type: Memory Scanner and editor
    Status: Freeware
    This is modified version of cheat engine with bypassing various anti-cheat detections. Different changes include simple string-check bypasses (for caption/title checks, author/contributor names, menu texts, etc), process name changes, driver-level modifications and registry location changes. Changes like that should prove effective for those who are finding their standard CE detected (games crashing, CE crashing etc).

    Quote Originally Posted by Psych
    I have replace/re-worded a lot of text in the program to make it a lot more intuitive. This should make certain options more easily understandable then they previously were and give some useful hints in places. Nothing major, just cosmetic changes here really.

    All executable files have been packed to save on space and bypass any quick and dirty file size checks that an AC might perform. In addition, all unneeded sample files and loose docs have been removed to further save on space and generally 'tidy up' the package. The packer used is very popular and is very AV-friendly. If however, you do get false flags, please add the folder to your AV exceptions or temporarily disable your AV. It's clean. Feel free to run it through the usual online malware scanning engines.

    I have been using and improving this for some time now, but have decided to prep and share it so others can benefit Lots of either old or suspicious UCE's about. At least this one is clean, tested heavily and from a trusted source.

    To use it, simply extract it to a folder of your choice (desktop perhaps?) and run it. A seperate location is used in the registry from the original CE and so you can use them interchangeably with no problems. You will have to set your options up for this one though to start with.

    Finally, you use this (and any other cheat tool for that matter) entirely at your own risk. If you absolutely couldn't live with yourself after getting banned from an online game, then maybe you shouldn't even attempt to use this. There's no guarantees about what will detect it and what won't, and how it might change tomorrow. An AC could simply scan for obvious CE byte patterns from certain functions and nail you by that alone. You have been warned. By downloading and using this program, you fully understand all of this.
    Full credits go to DarkByte, the original author of cheat engine.
    Download Psych Tool
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    hi, thanks, any mirror?

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