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    [Release] Simple ASM Injector

    Simple ASM Injector .
    Using BlackMagic.
    It inject and execute remote tread into selected process .
    That tool is usefull if you try creat remote tread , inject it , and execute to check if it work before put it in your main code .
    Simply choise process from process list ...
    Write your ASM into Text Box
    Click Button Inject and Execute .

    Dont forget save reggister before and restore reggister after code...
    If Anyone need multy tread injector that execute or just inject and save tread name to call it later post here i ll update this one

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    Usefull stuff
    Learn from PGC for Share on PGC..

    For another Stuff i have make try to find it [Please, register to view links]
    If i have help you, please thanks and respect ..

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