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    [Soft] Offset Finder with FindPattern

    This software can automatically find the offsets in the program with FindPattern.
    This software extracts the offset format AutoIt, C # and INI, and the ''dump button'' for all information on every offset and its current value...
    Offset Finder is compatible with World of Warcraft and any other programs that exist (aion etc).

    Download and install FrameWork 3.5 : .NET Framework 3.5

    Add or Edit the pattern list

    Go to the dir ‘’PatternList’’, in the rar i have integret ‘’ Wow Offset.xml’’. Open this with Notepad++ for sample.
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <PatternList xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
    <processName>Wow</processName> <!-- Name of .exe -->
    <baseModuleName>Wow.exe</baseModuleName> <!-- Module name (empty if no module) -->
        <Patterns> <!-- Start list Pattern -->
            <Pattern> <!-- Start Pattern 1 -->
                <offsetName>playerBase</offsetName> <!-- Offset Name -->
                <pattern>8B 0D FF FF FF FF 83 C4 04 3B CB 74 34 39 99 FF</pattern> <!-- Bytes search (Max 16) -->
                <mask>xx????xxxxxxxxx?</mask> <!-- Mask of bytes search: x = equal | ? = Any value -->
                <offsetLocation>2</offsetLocation> <!-- Bytes between the beginning of pattern (pattern base) and offset was found (sample -4 ou 7)-->
                <type>int</type> <!-- Type of the offset value: int ou int64 ou string ou float -->
            </Pattern> <!-- End Pattern 1 -->
            <Pattern> <!-- Start Pattern 2 -->
                <pattern>8B 45 08 8B 35 FF FF FF FF 8B 3D FF FF FF FF 6A</pattern>
            </Pattern> <!-- And Pattern 2 -->
        </Patterns> <!-- End list of Patterns -->
    • Add Module Support.
    • Edit Wow offset.xml

    • Add Create Pattern.

    • Add Modules dump in Dump all Info and Add the Source code.

    Author: RivaL

    Virustotal result: 0%

    P.S. Source code for this app:

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    Thanks much!

    Awesome! I was hoping I was not going to have to make my own offset finder in C++ or C#. Man, you are a lifesaver!

    I am making a test system for testing the new SWG Emu servers to make it easier to automate testing of game functions. I have the source for the networking functions but I wanted to just read game memory and go from there. I figured it would be easy to find all the offsets I needed but even as an intermediate C programmer I find it so time consuming that it's almost not worth it. This helps me out alot.

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