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    Lightbulb Barren Mist Garden Phantom Flower Ignius Guide

    The merchant NPC near the oasis will ask you to find 5 of his bottles (which is likely dropped from the 5 bosses?)

    There will be additional rewards if you killed all the 5 bosses.

    You can clear the 4 bosses (except golem) in any order you want.

    The golem so far cannot be challenged at all. It is speculated that it can only be challenged after you defeat the 4 bosses.

    Barren Mist Garden

    The whole area is surrounded by lava.

    There are 4 sets of platforms around the area; each set has 3 individual platforms. (see screenshot and schematic below)

    Under normal circumstance, all these platform are on fire and will kill anyone instantly upon contact.

    The lava on the other hand, will clear all your buff upon contact and deal continuous damage , ~30k dmg every 2sec, non-elemental dmg. The lava will also apply a 30sec burn status, which deal ~12k dmg per tick (ignore def)

    The boss of this stage, Phantom Flower Ignius, will spawn at the middle and it is surrounded by 4 smaller phantom flowers.

    Phantom Flower Ignius

    Basidc Boss Skill
    - Roar: Knock back frontal party member towards the edge of the map. The AOE is roughly a quarter of a circle. Very dangerous because you are not supposed to touch either the lava or the fire platform (especially the fire platform). Save your aerial evasion so that you can jump back while in the air to prevent yourself being blown into the lava or the fire platform. Besides the MT, other pt members should always deal damage BEHIND the boss to prevent being blown into the lava. CD ~20sec
    - Fire Ball: Throw a fire ball which will create a fire pit on the ground upon impact.
    - Flame Geyser: 3 waves of fire explosion in this order: inner > outer > inner ring (as shown by the schematic) or outer> inner > outer. This is a very dangerous skill as it will push you into the lava if you are staying near the outer ring. All members should stay as close as possible to the boss to prevent being push into the lava. Take note that super armor buff will not resist the push back effect UNLESS when you are casting a skill (With additional super armor of the skill). CD ~40sec.
    Video on how to evade flame geyser:
    ザフラの地面 - YouTube

    - Bite: Frontal. The last hit has push back effect, might throw you down to lava.

    New Skill at HP x3
    - Stomp: Need to jump to avoid. There are 2 version of this: single stomp or triple stomp.

    New Skill at HP x2
    - Magma Wave EX: The boss will lower its head to the ground. Almost the whole field, except for the 30 degree secttion exactly behind it (see schematic below), will be affected by this skill. The color of the ground will slowly brighten up and explode. Hiding at the small section behind him is the only way to avoid it. CD ~60sec.

    Video of magma wave ex (0:19 minute )

    New Skill at HP x1
    - Flame Meteor: There will a warning message when this skill is cast. After 1sec, the flower will possess 99.9% dmg reduction and push you outwards in a similar fashion to the Flame Ogre meteor's skill in Typhoon Kim Nest Hellmode. The flower will then throw flame ball at each party member in a parabolic trajectory from the middle. The flame ball does not stay on the ground upon contact, but it will induce a burn status and clear all buffs if you are hit.

    Due to the small field, the suggested way to evade this is to assign 8 man members each to one of the 4 position in the inner and outer rings (see schematic below). Keep moving in clock wise or anti clock wise fashion to evade a few waves of the meteors. See video below for the skill animation of flame meteor:

    Alternative strategy:
    - the whole party can gather first or split into 2 groups, and move together in clockwise direction.

    There are two important things to take note in this stage.

    Fire Platform
    - After depleting the 1st bar of the boss HP, it will dig underground and heat up the sand in the whole area.
    - You have to jump onto the nearby platforms to avoid being burn to death.
    - However, among the set of 3 platforms, ONLY ONE (left most of the set) will be safe (without fire) to be stand on.
    -Shortly after that, the fire on the platform next to the safe one will be extinguished while the platoform which you initially stand on will be on fire. You are required to jump to the adjacent platform immediately. Repeat this another time and you will need to get back down to the ground again when the ground is not flooded by lava. See video below to see how exactly this should be done.
    - Take note that the burn status will cause you to fall down from the air (similar to elecuted status)
    - The place will be flooded with lava after EVERY 60sec.
    - See video on how to jump on theres fire platform:
    Desert Dragon Nest - Barren Mist Garden - YouTube

    Alternative Strategy:

    - Instead of jump to the 1st platform, one can actually jump directly to the second platform without going up the 1st platform.
    - Take note that there 2 warning message before the lava flood happen.
    - First message is "Jump up to the platform". When you see this message, go to the nearest 2nd platform and wait there for the 2nd message.
    - Once the second message "Lava flood" appear, jump immediately to the 2nd platform. Then wait for 2sec, then jump immediately to the 3rd platform. See the video below to see how this is done exactly.
    - See vidoe on how to do the jump:

    Clearing Burn Status
    - You can clear the burn status which is~10k per tick (~30sec duration) by attacking the 4 small phantom flowers, which will spray water around to clear the burn status.
    - The burn status is induced so fast that the cure relic of priest might not be able to catch up.
    - Summon units are convenient here since they will constantly attack these small flowers and cause them to spray water.

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