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    Lightbulb How to up and get equipments in SEA Dragon Nest

    How to Up

    1 ~ 10
    Up in quests according to your level.
    10 ~ 16
    Ask for boost in SC lvl higher, they usually will charge 1 key for entry. As they go in the Abyss, where the end will drop a key, take the key and give it to the booster.
    16 ~ 24
    Do the same thing in SC, only this time in DTMI, will be a task that the boss is a giant spider, it is faster than SC.
    24 ~ 26
    Make first quests of Saint Heaven until lvl 26, because the mission of the boost just to get at lvl 26.
    26 ~ 32
    Request boost in DOK, is a mission very fast, not as fast as DTMI but it is a great way to level.
    32 ~ 40
    Request boost in FIC will not drop more keys because keys only to drop up to 32 characters, but the boosters will collect the stamps and loots, if you want to level up is advisable to let him take it.
    40 ~ 50
    At this level you are already independent, can level the quests solo or take on RR pt.

    How to get equipments.

    1 ~ 32
    In 1 ~ 32 you do not need much equipment, using equipment can go on quests to earn it, because you will not need to attack to achieve some booster.

    32 ~ 39
    Get a set and refine rare to at least +6, because even if you are not attacking FIC, you will need HP and defense and can also attack these missions to go faster.

    At lvl 40 do not buy the set Apocalypse or Manticore is better to create such equipment, see what needs Blacksmith NPC and then buy the items in the TH. So come out much cheaper.

    At lvl 50 do the same thing at lvl 40, do not buy the Ancient Totem ready because is very expensive.

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    I totally agree that this is the fastest way to level up...and for player w/ other high lvl characters this is the best, they can farm equips
    for the lower characters...but this could be the worse scenario for any new players having there first characters...seen it a dozen times, a character rushes himself/herself to max lvl and when finally got to it found who low equipped, almost no item and weak the character
    so if you have 1 or more max lvl char, decent amount of gold, or willing to spend real money(legally by buying in cash shops and sell for gold or illegally by buying gold from other players) this is the best way to lvl up.

    but for 1st characters(unless a cleric) solo leveling is really advice, specially if a mercenaries. if playing every day, it would only need a
    week to max the lvl. what is gain in solo runs? here in DN SEA, specially now for lvl50 cap, running abyss is more advisable than master.
    this might be funny, but a lot of new players don't know that after reaching the max lvl, fatigue is out of the window. second is NPC gift,
    it's not much now accumulating a lot of guild points(specially cassius) is very good. just look at all the item you can get from that shop.
    3rd, is the fragments of dimension(only given by silver/gold bunny) since current lvl50 cap does not yet give the function of giving
    EPIC High crystal, agate, diamond codes in Cassius shop, players can only really on fragments and ladder points to get them. you would
    also get the chance to get weapons/item that would sell nicely and you get to keep all the nice loots. and most importantly you get to
    know how to play your characters.

    for Clerics, get a decent guild(lvl21 up) that would boost you, and believe me there are a lot of guilds who wants a decent cleric in there guild(clerics are the current primadonna of the game). why a lvl21 up guild, you can buy guild costumes that gives you exp multiplier.
    while for Mercenaries, w/ decent equip you can solo anything...high defense, high damage output...

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