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    Level fast with the NTT and Dried Marissa Spring Coordinates using xkhen's trainer

    All credits goes to joshua772 and xkhenn

    Just press LOAD and locate the preferred coordinates (NTT/DMS)

    24 - 32 Dried Marissa Spring
    32 - 40 NTT (Names Tyrant Tomb)

    Tutorial for DMS
    1.enter dungeon at the spawning area Press F1 then kill the mini boss,ghouls and spiders
    2.if the arrow appeared press F2 kill the red ghost,bats and ghouls and go to portal
    3.go to the open area and kill the ghouls and bats if all killed message will appear "portal has been opened" now press F3 you will teleport to the portal F4 and you will teleported to the gate and the BOSS will spawned
    5.done rerun dungeon and repeat 1 - 4

    Tutorial for NTT
    1. Press f1 and you will be teleported to portal just walk a little bit
    2. Press f2 and the mini boss will apear just kill it
    3. Press f3 and the mini boss just kill it again
    4. finally you will be teleported to last stage
    you can 2 mins- 2.30 mins per run

    Credits :

    Virus Scans :

    Jotti : Coordinates.rar - Jotti's malware scan
    Virustotal :

    Download Link Coordinates: Coordinates.rar

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