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    Thumbs up [Warrior] Bleach Ichigo Bankai

    Here again my mods for dragon nest, this time uploaded with screenshots and virusscans.
    Hope you enjoy them and dont forget than before u patch the game remove these files from the folder until the patch is done.
    Can create bugs if u dont.

    People that play NA or SEA rename the files from Resource00.(filename) to Resource01.(filename).
    Than they should also work for you !

    - ichigo's japanese voice
    - Ichigo's bankai clothing
    - Ichigo's hairstyle and color
    - Invisible Gauntlet
    - Tensa Zangetsu (Ichigo's Bankai zanpakutou (sword) )
    - Skilleffects changed to match ichigo's Bankai (Black and red effects), this also changes the weapon glow when enhanced +7 or higher.

    Don`t forget to Remove/Off Anti-virus.

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