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Thread: Level 1-9 Guide

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    Post Level 1-9 Guide

    Level 1-9 Guide

    At the very beginning, I suggest that you just do all the available quests until you reach level 10. Another friendly advice while at these levels is to choose multiple quests which will be done in the same dungeon. In this way, you'll wast no time in getting your character to level 10. The next thing you'll need to remember is to pick up as many level 4 magic equipments which is suited for your character. After you got a full set of level 5 magic equips (weapons and armors), pause your grinding for awhile and head to the nearest blacksmith in town and upgrade those equips to atleast +8 or utmost +10 if you feel a bit lucky. Why do this? It's because you'll need to boost your attack, HP and MP pool to survive at dungeons while at these levels. And the last piece of advice I can give you while on these levels is to enter every dungeons at "Master" difficulty to gain more experience.

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