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    Light-Balanced Build (for DPS only)

    Light-Balanced Build (for DPS only)

    1. Koon's choices of gears

    To achieve 18k Crit, I decided to use:

    1. 1 Wind Suffix II clothes +309 agi
    2. 1 Will Suffix II gloves +44 agi
    3. 2 Int Suffix II weps +149 agi
    4. 2 lv50 3rd stat agi plates +136 agi
    5. 1 lv40 3rd stat agi plates +47 agi
    6. Halloween Costume +73 agi
    7. 2 lv50 3rd stat crit plates +1472 crit
    8. Victor Flail +1172 crit
    9. Immortal x5 +1040 crit
    10. 10 agi pots on accessories, weps and armors +45% agi
    11. 1 Lv50 Wind plate +10% agi
    12. Halloween Costume +2% agi
    13. 2 Star brilliant rings +1.5% crit
    14. 1 Lv50 Fatal plate +20% crit
    15. Red Rose Skill Neck+ Earring +720 agi
    Total: 18226 crit, 2670 agi

    As you can see, most of my agi and crit come from set bonus, plate %, agi pot, skill rings and suffix II. So I'm pretty confident to say that 18k crit is achievable for most of the players. If you can't afford a 3rd stat plate, go craft wind suffix II armors. And CRIT IS THE PRIORITY of a dps char. You should get yourself to the crit cap before anything else.

    Plates (with 3 extra plate slots, skill plates- Smite, Zap, Holy Relic, Charge Bolt and Judgement Hammer):

    Equipments (Immortal+ Victor):

    For Light attack, I decided to equip:

    1. 2 Star brilliant rings x 4% light attack
    2. 2 wep pots x 16% light attack
    3. 2 skill rings with light x 7.08% light attack
    4. 2 skill ring pots x 16% light attack
    5. Conviction Aura lvl3 x 25% light attack
    6. Gigantomakia title x 5% light attack
    Total: 73.08% light attack

    Star brilliant rings are expensive (8-17k gold in Springwood), but they worth the investment. Light pots, skill rings and title bonus are easy to get. So don't worry! 73% light attack is within the reach!

    For FD, I chose to use:

    1. 2 Victor Weps +210 FD
    2. Immortal x5 +300 FD
    3. Lv50 Ultimate plate +170 FD
    Total: 680 FD (+24% dmg)

    Everyone can get 680 FD nowadays, no need to explain I think.

    And I use some extra stuff and craft my armors to Int suffix II to optimise my matk:

    1. 1 Int Suffix Helm
    2. 1 Int Suffix Pants
    3. 1 Int Suffix Shoes
    4. 1 Matk White Fox Tail
    5. 1 pet (you can buy horn from TH, it's a one-off investment imho)
    6. Costumes and costume weps
    7. 2 lv50 3rd stat int plates (bear or des with Int are cheaper)
    8. 2 lv50 3rd stat matk plates (redemption, impact plates with matk are cheaper)

    2. build

    My build is heavily centred around light-based skills like charge bolt, holy relic, zap, smite and sacred hammering. It enables me to fully utilise my current stats, especially Light attack. I found it extremely useful in most nests and dungeons (dps), except for Apocalypse Nest = =.

    3. dps tip

    Using correct skills in the right sequence is just as important as your builds and gears. Most crusaders tend to spam mindlessly while they are fighting, and this is very very wrong.

    If you are going to use this Light-balanced build, make sure you cast your skills in this way:

    Charge Bolt > Zap/Holy relic > Armor Break > Smite > Judgement Hammer > Sacred Hammering > Charge Bolt > Repeat

    By using this sequence, you will be able to boost your dps to the fullest, mainly because of charge bolt (-15% light resist) and armor break's (def lowered by 250% at lvl6) debuffs.

    These are all I have atm, thank you for going through this wall of text!

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    I really like ur build, i'll try to do something like this.
    But i'll change a little bit..
    Like, I preffer use Waves of Ancient Totem Set, and I'll change the order of plate and put all level 50 plates with Int/Agi.
    No Magic Attk.

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