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    Talking Tips Leveling From Lv 1-24 [INA]

    hi all of the members of PGC
    first of all this guide means to INA version
    i guess this will work too with the SEA version (i still didn't know about academic and name maps)
    about job i guess all of them is fine but i prefer warrior
    warrior get's good strength and vitality , good on soloing / party
    solo is the best for leveling = u must solo
    im assumming u choose warrior for this one and already have a good build + equips

    1-9 = in this level it will good if u pick up quest & side quest , dungeon difficulty is hard/master
    because u can't soloing abyss in this level

    9-16 = i prefer hunting with the equips rare or magic , enhance them to +8 for weapons +9 is fine
    pick up side quest in the board. why ? u will get exp + pouch , u should fine soloing in abyss mode !

    from now on im assuming u choose merc (best soloing for me + best AoE)

    16-22 = hunting in Sigh Canyon / or something like that i forget the name of the maps
    dont forget to pick up side quest in board and ask npc for the side quest as well
    soloing in abyss mode for BEST EXP if u can't just soloing in master mode
    for equips just still in orc set u can enhance them to +9/+10
    searching for equips like skeleton sets , enhance them to +9 for weapons just +10
    if u rich just buy it in trading house (skeleton sets / ancient sets / elf sets)

    22-24 = Sanctuary Core | Prayer Refuge
    this one is hard if u didn't have good equips ! just use mercenary captain sets lv 23 enhance them to +9 for weapon +10/+11
    dont forget to pick up side quest in board and ask npc for the side quest as well , soloing in abyss mode if u can't just master mode
    equips for mino nest just buy from trading house (ancient sets / elf sets)
    i prefer elf sets it's very easy for soloing in mino nest , Trust me ! (but it's too expensive)

    Heraldy = Fatal , Wind , Bear , Destruction/Life Vitality (all of them premium for best effect / i mean the epic rarity)
    Hid.Pottential = str/agi/max.hp for Armors if u rich just pottential it until u get crit 17%
    Atk & Crit Min. = Lv 24 Atk 1.200 Crit 4000 (mercenary depending on stats and equips , u should fine in mino nest)

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