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    Dragon Nest Combos, How to get 300/400/500 Hit Combo easily.

    Theres easiest method to get the three achievements and to get the sexy 500 combo title.

    This method works with ranged characters, such as archers/sorcs.
    1. First, you're going to wanna grab a lv1 weapon either Bow/Staff, buy it from starting town, Beginner Bow/Staff.
    2. Secondly, go to Temple of Sleepers, and set the difficulty on Abyss, or Master.
    3. Thirdly, run through the dungeon like normal until you get to the part where you have to destroy three Crystal Statues.
    4. Then, destroy all three of the statues at the same time. All of the mobs and everything will be charging at you.
    5. After they're all charging, make the mobs follow you into one side of the area, where the Protection Shrine is you can click to continue to the next part.
    6. If you get all of the mobs clustered, the 2 big Minotaur will block the path, and will glitch on the Protection Shrine.
    7. Then bam, you can just sit back and shoot away until you hit your high combo.

    It'll take some getting used too, and make sure you're not too close because the Minotaur's can still swing their axe forward. So you have to position yourself properly.

    You can only get 1 Combo achievement at a time. For example, if you don't have the 300 one, you can't get the 400 one. You need to get 300 one, redo the dungeon and get 400, and redo process to get 500.
    It doesn't allow you to get 300,400,500 in one run.

    If you can't do it on Temple of Sleepers, then perhaps try Silent Cloister.
    You can get it on Silent Cloister at boss fight easily with a Force User on Abyss.

    Credits to xchronicxlinkx.

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    First,sound like serious??lets pwn and try now,,thabks

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