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    Dragon Nest Dungeons - Astral Coven Laboratory Gold Farming

    At level 18, spamming Abyss level of Astral Laboratory with a four person party is the absolute fastest way to level. If its a good party, it should take 4:00-4:30 every run and you should always be getting S+, and that way you get not only great exp, but great rewards. Do all the commission quests, because eventually on the quest for Master, it will become repeatable. The most efficient way for this is probably to do 3-4 runs of Astral then go back to town for repairs, NPC, etc. Then just keep repeating, until whenever! Even at level 23, you get decent exp.

    HUGE HINT: Do not kill the small white spiders. They dont need to be killed to keep going on. Likewise, just read objectives in all dungeons, and save yourself some time.

    Here, I'll go into an in depth step by step of an Astral speed run.

    First, head south from town into Crystal Stream, and go to the blue portal on the right (Snowmelt Forest). Astral is the red portal that should be directly in front of you.

    Then, get the commission board quest! Do NOT forget this step. Help out the guild, and this is 50% of the exp right here.

    Walk in the to portal. Make sure that the dungeon is selected to Abyss mode, and begin!

    The dungeon is pretty straight forward. Just go to the left side immediately, as there is nothing on the right. Kill only the big spiders with yellow, and ignore the bats and small white spiders in the first room. (Follow that rule throughout the dungeon, though). After the first room, you will come to another open area, with spider webs. Just attack the webs and they will break defeat the mini boss, and you can continue into the next red portal.

    In this map, you will go into a small area on the left, with...more spiders! Shocker. Once all the big yellow spiders are dead, the gate will open, and you can run straight on forward. Turn left (the only way there is to turn..) and you will be in another big open area. There will first be a few spiders in a group, but behind the webs, there is another group with a mini boss. I suggest letting two people in your party take care of each group, to minimize the time taken. Sometimes, there will be a weird switchboard with 4 levers and a treasure chest. This means that a member of your party is on one of the commission board quests that you have to do to get to the repeatable Master one. Clicking on one level will switch it, along with the levels that are next to it. Just get all the levers down, and you'll be able to open the treasure chest. This will make your run take a lot longer, however, as every second counts in speed runs. Once you are done, go into the red portal.

    Congrats! Youre at the boss. Hes a spider, hes huge, and I think his name is "six-six" pronounced in a vampire accent. Here's what he looks like.

    Anyways, he's much easier than he looks. Even though he has chunks of health, hes not very scary. Just keep pummeling him head on, and dont worry about the other spiders around him. Your skills will eventually kill them with their area of effect when you are aiming at the boss, and soon the boss will be the only spider left. Once he's dead, you've completed the dungeon! Congratulations!

    Item Drops

    Throughout the run, you'll be getting random drops. Here's a list of common drops that I've seen and can remember, and what you should do with the drops.

    Boss Only: Random

    • Rusted Music Box: Keep this. It is used to craft the level 24 chests for Warriors, pants for Archers, gloves for Mages, and shoes for Clerics. If you dont need to craft anymore, it will NPC for around 3 gold. Do not bother marketing as it is the same price.
    • Common Carapace: This has no use. It says it is a crafting item, but as of now, it is not used to craft any items. It will NPC for a small amount, so there is not even a need to pick up this junk. Do not be lured in with this blue colored name! D:
    • Crude Diamond/Crude Onyx: You are likely to see at least one Crude Onyx per run, but Crude Diamonds are a little more rare. Whatever you do, pick it up! Keep this. Both are used to craft crests from Bailey, and Crude Onyx is used to enhance your equipment. Also, Crude Diamond sells for about 6-8g on the market, and Crude Onyx sells for about 1.6g (prices as of the time I made this guide, during Open Beta).
    • Cursed Protection Talisman: This item is nothing but an item to sell to merchants. Do pick it up though, because the price is pretty nice.

    Sometimes, there will be Epic spark drops, and from what I've seen, they are usually class specific. At the moment, theyre not useful, but save them! They will be great later.

    Astral Speed Run

    Astral Coven Laboratory Masters. Solo Elementalist Speed Run.

    Astral Coven Laboratory EXP and GOLD farming!

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