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    Dragon Nest Dungeons - Sanctuary Nexus

    First off, to get to the Sanctuary you must go to the northern portal in Carderock Pass. From there take a right and there you are!

    For the most Exp and Items, not to mention time efficiency make sure you're on the master difficulty. Also, make sure you are not in a party or the loot will be split and if you're like me, always lose rolls.

    Once you enter the Sanctuary, run forwards and right, do an AoE move and kill the left over mobs. Run forwards from there and when you reach the next "room" follow the arrow on the picture below, and get ready for hell.

    Within 5 seconds of you entering this room lots of mobs will appear, the most annoying being the Shaman. Shaman being the most annoying, take those all out while they're all together in the same spot, doing this will kill the Poochums and other mobs that appear.

    After you kill the mobs go up the stairs, activate the stone and OPEN THE CHEST. In Dungeons, opening chests is important, especially in this map where they commonly drop Crude Onyx!
    Once you have done this go back down and go up the other flight of stairs. From here you want to quickly run to either side and get an AoE move ready for those pesky Dark Elves, doing this will take them out and prevent you from getting juggled.

    Ahh, this part. This part of the Nexus really got me owned, but then I figured out a few things I could do to make this part very easy, and rewarding.

    First thing's first activate the Trap in the center. Then jump on top of the Trap Trigger by jumping at it a from further away, or from right in front and holding S (To go backwards) to land on it. For this first wave, you can sit here and not be bothered. When you think the time is right and there are lots you can take out with a quick AoE move, jump into a corner and let them have it.

    Now, for this part, this part is quite a bit harder, and is usually where I would die. But now this part is very easy after I started doing this.

    I run in to one of the chambers that the monsters come out of, personally I choose the Orcs because they're a slow moving mob and I can run past them and cast an AoE move at the entrance to kill them, and any mobs coming in. By doing this you won't get juggled and surrounded by mobs. This will direct them in front of you, and right in to your attacks, neatly piling all of the precious loot in to one nice pile of riches. After the mobs are dead, activate all the stones and get ready for the next mob.

    The Minotaurs, these guys are really no problem because they're slow and I can interrupt their moves easily. For these, you want to take one at a time, or jam them both in to the doorway and do some AoE attacks from a distance. If they do get in, simply set off the spike trap to deal damage and to have them stumble, perfect for setting up a combo.

    If you find you are having trouble with these guys, the trick is to stay behind them attack, go behind ect.

    After killing these you are now able to search for that fabled Royal Chest! Chests in this part are commonly found behind the breakable objects near the four stones. The picture below is to show you where I found all 3 of my Royal Chests on this map.

    The Boss. The boss is not hard at all, really I'd say the easiest boss there is. The only thing I hate about it, is the mobs. You cannot attack the boss without being annoyed by the mobs, and you can't kill the mobs without being annoyed by the boss. my trick is to attack the mobs really quickly at the start with your most powerful move, move on to the boss, get him to about half health, then kill the mobs again with that same move, then continue on the boss.

    After killing the boss, I usually get 2 blue (Rare) items from him and sometimes a spark. Here is a picture of one run, before and after.



    There you have it guys! A complete guide to the Sanctuary Nexus and riches!

    Dragon Nest, level 24 swordsman

    Dragon Nest NA: Sanctuary Nexus - Master Mode

    Sanctuary Nexus: Lv23 Dungeon, Solo/Speed Run on Master Difficulty

    Sanctuary Nexus [Master] Lv.24 Swordsman

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    only for swordman??any job??

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