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    Dragon Nest How to Become Rich

    Become Rich with Farming

    What should you farm?

    Crude Onyx - If you're farming this, I recommend Nexus (read below for information on this dungeon, as well as an in depth guide with video!). These will give you tons of Onyx per run, and there are two things you could do with these onyx.
    • Sell them in stacks of 20, and wait for prices to raise to 35-40g per stack. If you ever see stacks around 20g, buy them! The prices are sure to raise back up.
    • Use these to enhance the clean level 24 weps that you say sell for like 1g (although Skele Sword clean is 90g right now).

    Once a weapon is +8 or higher and you are satisfied, sell it! If you're loaded with resets/sparks, go for a great hidden ability to boost up that price. If not, I recommend not sparking it at all, as a bad spark will drop the price. While this may seem like a risky thing to do, when you succeed in making a +8, you've gained lots of gold. It will sell if you are smart about the pricing. Selling it for cheap is even okay, because it will still be a profit. Also, I wouldn't go higher than +10, but that's just me.

    When youre done going for exp and most likely looking to farm for gold or equips, the fastest way is Sanctuary Nexus. Solo it on Master mode, and get loads of gold. It takes about 7-10 minutes because it has such an easy boss, and the boss will always drop 2-3 rare items, including high grade skill plates and stat plates. This will make you a ton of money! Also, you get 5-6 crude onyx per run. Doing 2-3 runs then town will make you a scrooge. ;P Don't try doing this on abyss, because abyss will not give as many drops. Abyss is more of a party run. Every 10 dimensional box keys, I take a break from farming Nexus and go to another abyss party run to use the keys up.

    Craft Items - If you choose to farm these, that means you get Onyx AND Crafting items, but the Onyx will probably come slower, because the best craft items come from longer dungeons. This is straight forward. Just re-run dungeons on Master that give good craft item drops, and sell them. Nothing more.

    Become Rich with Selling

    Use the marketplace! When you need items like Crude Onyx/Diamond, you can sometimes find it for much cheaper than its worth! Even if you font need them, buy them and resell them for higher. You can sell almost anything in the marketplace. Although there is a limit of 30, it will reset every week (on Sunday I believe). You can make a fortune, especially selling Crudes.

    Now that you have so many items to sell, how do you deal with your 30 market listings a week? Only sell the ones that are worth 5-10+ gold, depending on how much you have/want. Also, don't always list your items right away. If the price is low, wait a while until the price rises again. For example, I don't like to sell my Crude Onyx for less than 30g, and most of the time I can sell for 35-40g when I wait. After you run out of listings, you can always go on another account and list more! Have a guildie or a friend help you transfer!

    A great item to sell on marketplace are Crude Onyx, but don't sell these at any time. Wait for the price to go up, as Onyx prices have been surfing from 20g to 35g. Usually, I only sell my onyx at 30g or higher.

    Aside from Onyx, you get many other drops from Nexus that sell for a lot. High Grade Plates drop very often, but be careful. Do not crest every one you find. Personally, I crest only the ones worth 13g or more. As for skill plates, I rarely crest them. They take 3 diamonds to crest, which I usually don't have, and are worth lots of gold. Therefore, only a skill plate around 30-40g is worth cresting, but not always worth using a listing.

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