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    How to Extract Dragon Nest data and View Models

    This guide will show you how to extract the .pak files in the Dragon Nest folder on your C Drive so you can look through them as you wish. Also, don't blame me if you don't make copies of your Resource files and have to redownload them again if you somehow screw them up.

    Note: If you only want to look at the 3D models in game skip down a little bit to the big red words.

    • Download any extractor of PAK files (check this thread
    • Copy pasta your Resource00, Resource01, Resource02, and Resource03 files into this folder. You can find these files in "C:\Nexon\DragonNest" assuming you installed Dragon Nest to the default folder.

    If you want to use extraction with quickbms follow these steps:
    • Run quickbms.exe. When you do a command window should pop-up, then a window for you to select a file. In this first window select the file
    • A new window should open asking for another file, this time select Resource00.pak. After hitting open the last window will pop up asking for the filename, this one doesn't matter really. Just put whatever you want.
    • After a while it will extract all the files in Resource00 to new folders inside whatever folder you have all of this stuff in.
    • Rinse and repeat for the rest of the Resource files and you're done. :3

    A couple of quick notes:

    • The background music is located in "mapdata/resource/sound/bgm".
    • It seems they don't have any of the PvP maps done, they just have test ones set up. Need someone who actually knows the names of the maps to confirm.
    • The music is in .ogg format, they have some textures in .dds format (which can be opened with, a free software), and they actually have some code in Lua which I found amusing.
    • They have the words you can and can not use, which are a good chuckle.

    Dragon Nest Model Browser:
    This will let you view all the 3D models in the game, and even animate some of them.

    (check this thread

    • Run DNModelBrowser, navigate to your Dragon Nest folder on your C Drive, and it'll load up the Resource files for you.
    • Locate the SKN file you want to look at, right-click it and select Render Skin.
    • You can also animate it by finding a .ani file, right-clicking that and selecting Apply Animation.

    for better explanation -

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    I want to do a Private Server to test somethings, can I use this program to find maps and other things needed to do a private server?

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    Hi! this is my first time using the tool. I tried to open some .skn and I am receiving an error. Any idea how to solve this?

    Btw, the error is:

    unknown material type: g_CustomColor2

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