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    Dragon Nest Enhancement for Beginners

    In Dragon Nest, you are able to enhance most of your gear at the blacksmith.
    For Enhancement basics you can check this guide:

    So far, we noticed that you are unable to enhance some items such as accessories and items you had obtained from Quests.

    Now at low levels, it is very important to enhance your gear because the cost is low and the reward is high. That is, it will allow you to solo low level dungeons with ease.

    To start things off, you will want to visit your town’s blacksmith.

    Go ahead and select (Enhance) and you will be taken to the next screen:

    Right click on your desired item and it will be placed into the left window. You will now be able preview what your item’s enhancement potentials will be if your upgrade is successful.

    Notice how insanely cheap it is. We predict that this price will go up in future versions. You will now be prompted with the following warning:

    Your item will remain safe until +6 enhancement level. Therefore, it is suggested that you enhance your items to +6 right away.

    After this, any further enhancement might destroy your item. However, if you’re lucky…

    Even though sometimes you will be able to get to +10 with 0 failures, it is more likely your luck will run out before you get there. Now what’s the best strategy to combat this?

    The best strategy is to have a spare. Let’s say you have 2 identical shields. First, you want to enhance both of them to +6. Now you’re free to enhance the 1st one to +8. If it breaks prior to +8, then you should find another spare while wearing your 2nd +6. However, if it works, you can now try to enhance the 2nd one to +8 as well. Once you have a spare +8, you can now go for +10! With patience and this strategy, you too can be a proud owner of +10s!

    Enhancement max level is +12. The cost of enhancement goes up considerably after +8, usually requiring additional reagents such as multiples of Onyx Shards or Crude Onyx.

    To make matters worse, starting at +9 enhancement level, every enhance failure will set you back 1 level. Example: if you fail at +10, even if your equipment was not destroyed, it will now be a +9. Equipment will not reduce below +8.

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