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    Dragon Nest Comprehensive Class & Skills Build Guide


    • Swordsman
      • Melee type
      • Magic type
      • Hybrid
    • Mercenary
      • Hammer build
      • Axe build

    Sword Master

    • Advantages: Their attack is faster than axes and hammers. Their joint effects to bring on attacks stiff monster. Apart from that, they have many ongoing skills, beautiful combinations, strong ability to survive in a nest instance and can monster "to interrupt skill.
    • Cons: You have a small area of impact and low damage output (Monsters in the Dragon's Nest have much higher physical defense as a magical defense to) deal with all melee skills, sword master is not in a position with a group of monsters, magic .. your skills can no longer enough damage either.

    Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Low (High Middle Low)
    Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars (5 Stars in total)
    Single PK: 4 Stars
    Group PK: 2 Stars (Sword Masters without shields are always the target of the opponent)
    Challenging Nest: 3 Stars
    Total Stars: 12
    Popularity in Teaming up: Low-middle

    Position in a Group: They are pioneers of a group instead of main damage dealers. Aiding archers and sorceresses, they often assault remote magical monsters. They can even levitate enemies. It is recommended they use physical parry. PK fans can train both physical and magical skills.

    Melee Swordsman

    The amount of skill points is used 124th Not that many right? You can imagine how I reach level 15 with so little damage abilities? As I have already explained, you get an SP reset at level 15, and it takes a week before it disappears. That gives you enough time to test skills.

    The picture above shows what it will be after you change jobs, not about what you care about in your abilities before that date. Be the basic warrior skills-building is essentially the same in all, because if your second class before you use them infrequently.

    Magic swordsman

    You may have noticed I have not being able to parry on the line. That's only because as a Sword Master, it is very easy to evade attacks. If you are unsure of how good you are with Dodge to get rid of the slash and dash Dash combo skills and put some in Parry. Although, once level cap is raised, you can move some of Parry instead of removing the Dash ability, since they are made dark attacks. Your most important adverse abilities in PvP and PvE are magical in the line. Physical attacks are used when the enemy is too close.

    Most of these skills are affected by Dark element. The more Dark element and Magic attack you have, the more damage you will do.

    Explanation of skills: All magic line is good for crowd control in dungeons.
    Moon Light Splitter: Since MoonLord is more of a Magic attack class, this skill needs to be at least level 11 so that you can get Moon Light Splitter EX. The English calculator isn’t up to date whereas the Korean one is.
    Cyclone Slash: Great crowd control skill, and is also as powerful as the other magic skills.
    Crescent Cleave: Awesome skill, big damage dealer. Plus, it’s affected by Dark element, which further increases its damage.
    Half Moon Slash: A slowly animated skill, although very powerful. You can increase its speed with a motion acceleration +50% crest.
    Great Wave: While it may seem this skill is not as good as infinity edge, if you’re focusing mostly on magic attack, this skill does massive damage.
    Eclipse: Good skill, but does not benefit much from being higher than level 1.
    Hemorrahage: Add as much as you want to this. At max level it reduces the enemies defense and magic defense by 42%, at level 5 35%. Great skill for bosses.
    Most of the physical attacks are Dark element based.


    • Acrobat
    • Bow master


    • Advantages: the agile and nimble handling movements by leaps and attacks at the beginning of the game felt. You have the most counter-escape skills, superb combo skills and strong ability to survive in the PK group and challenge card. Your acceleration skills (speed and skill to attack, casting) are awesome to one group, while for a map. You even have the highest critical hit rate, if their mobility reached a high level.
    • Cons: Compared with Bow Masters, they deal less damage and have a smaller area of effect. You are easily interrupted while the release spells and attacks by a broad scope. They are a class above all depending on the equipment and controls, because they have some damage and distraction skills. To replace good quality for little damage, while not nearly bad equipment will cause damage.

    Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Low-middle
    Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars
    Single PK: 5 Stars
    Group PK: 3 Stars
    Challenging Nest: 3 Stars
    Total Stars: 14
    Popularity in Teaming up: Middle

    Position in a Group: Similar to Elemental Lords, most of their skills are melee ones, which are effective in the face of a single boss. In the later stage, if they have good equipment, they can also deal massive damage in challenging maps as well as a single boss. With high maneuverability and variability, they are a class that can be strengthened by equipment and controls.


    • Advantages: They deal the highest damage at an early stage. Your stitch-and long-range AOE attacks that allow players to enjoy the excitement of doing massive damage and a PK handle. In the later period, their DPS is almost synonymous with Elemental Lords'. They also assume the role of a chief "hate.
    • Disadvantages: Although Bowmaster good knowledge, simple controls and Excel have a challenge and PK map, they have no counter-attack capabilities, so that they can not defend themselves, while enemies come near. If they are surrounded by a group of enemies, they are obliged to die. When he takes a long time to take physical abilities, they are easily attacked. Compared with other classes, they have lower HP and physique, so they need good equipment.

    Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: High
    Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
    Single PK: 4 Stars
    Group PK: 3 Stars
    Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
    Total Stars: 16
    Popularity in Teaming up: High

    Position in a Group: They can be considered as movable cannons with lasting high damage in the rear of a group. They are responsible for stimulating a boss’ hatred, because they deal massive damage and are far from the boss. It is safer for them to do that. It is recommended that they transfer to the magical school after they get excellent equipment.


    • Priest
    • Paladin


    • Advantages: The priests are the only class able to cope with various healing skills, the promotion of defense and attack and removal of various debuffs. In the meantime, you can use a different kind of power-light element with the worship of God's light, they have also DPS output. In addition, they have high defense and physique, parry skill and strong survival skills so they can own instance of the Abyss to their challenge.
    • Cons: All their skills are used to recover HP and buff. Therefore, they are so single-players in PK. But in the PK group, they can do nothing to help, but, again, HP and threw holy aurora, or anything else.

    Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Upper-middle
    Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
    Single PK: 2 Stars
    Group PK: 2 Stars
    Challenging Nest: 5 Stars
    Total Stars: 14
    Popularity in Teaming up: High

    Position in a Group: They are famous for aiding. Naturally, they will take on the role of assistants. Find a proper position and seize an opportunity to cast holy aurora, they will also deal massive damage. Note that priests should dedicate to aiding skills, or else nobody will team them up. Please invite priests to your group as frequently as possible, after all you will lose lives easily without them. Priests are indeed a selfless class.


    • Advantages: They are a melee class with the best defense and the physique, the parrying skills, unique abilities invincible, high damage, a healing ability, the strongest ability to survive and the fastest attack speed. In group PF, they can nail down 2-3 opponents and start counter-attacks behind enemy lines. You can also do with different enemies and hold a joint press conference on life.
    • Disadvantages: They are poor in AOE skills and are easily float into enemies. They are not popular in challenging hands, unless a nest exploration. It's a bit boring train to paladins in the beginning. They are short of distracting and hunting skills. The fight against them is more likely end in a draw, unless you are very strong.

    Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: High
    Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars
    Single PK: 3 Stars
    Group PK: 4 Stars
    Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
    Total Stars: 14
    Popularity in Teaming up: Low-middle
    Popularity in Nest Exploration and Nest of High Difficulty: High

    Position in a Group: Don’t punch monsters randomly while challenging a map in a group. They have the ability to resist bosses. They are a nightmare for enemies in Group PK, for they often hobble enemies and disturb their rear. They are advised to lay stress on defensive skills in the later period.


    • Force user
    • Elemental lord

    Force User

    • Advantages: They have a variety of skills that can be thrown on diversion bosses in a nest, in addition to a large area of effect. Therefore, the users are the most popular with groups, while for a big nest. Your MP Recovery skill is needed most. In addition to their time-space are a crucial factor in the skill group PK.
    • Disadvantages: Although the user to cause massive damage in challenging cards. Their ability is in single-PK is not strong enough. More often than not, they often avoid head-on conflict and flight, until the enemy is in cool, then they only have release capabilities. If, however, run away two sides, the PK will end in a draw most of the time.

    Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Upper-middle
    Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
    Single PK: 3 Stars
    Group PK: 5 Stars
    Challenging Nest: 5 Stars
    Total Stars: 18
    Popularity in Teaming up: High

    Position in a Group: No matter in map challenge or Group PK, they act as controllers and damage dealers. At present, most groups need force users, especially their MP recovery skill. Thus, they take the role of helping recovering MP in the later stage.

    Elemental Lord

    • Advantages: They have the highest DPS in Dragon's Nest. A strong elementary Lord is a DPS dealer about. After several slow and debuff skills, they can deal with different classes. They are a fun class with a variety of combined capabilities. They are also main dealers in the DPS group PK, flash help her escape and powerful run from a flash to avoid the battlefield quickly.
    • Disadvantages: You have a short range attack and most of their abilities melee ones, they are required to have greater control and confidence than melee classes. After weak survivability, they are more likely to win bosses if they are well have no control over hatred. In addition, they avoid and escape some skills, they can die easily.

    Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Middle
    Challenging Maps in Group: 4 Stars
    Single PK: 4 Stars
    Group PK: 4 Stars
    Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
    Total Stars: 16
    Popularity in Teaming up: Upper-middle

    Position in a Group: They are placed in an awkward position. Regardless of PK or challenging maps, they should stand in the rear, but they have to get close to enemies to cast skills and control DPS output. Briefly, they should slower the opponent from the rear and seize an opportunity to move forward and deal damage. Players can gain pleasure from both melee and magical combats. It is recommended that they pay main attention to fire element and take ice element as the secondary one. Elemental lords are not as powerful as Bow Masters even if they have a good command of the ice element.

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