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    Guide to Dark Lair!

    Warm up rounds. Just be careful of the Flame Goblins on R4 as they can pack a punch if you're low level!

    Boss round. Focus fire on the Ice Skeleton first. The rest should be easy to deal with.

    Survival round. You have to dodge the attacks instead of killing the monsters. Paladin should Provoke while the others hide in a safe spot.

    Boss round. 2 possible boss combination!

    Black & White Minotaur:
    Kill Black Minotaur first as it can cast berserk on itself and the other minotaur! Be wary of its silencing shout as well.

    Elemental Mages:
    Kill Fire Mage first. Look out for its Fire Rain!

    Survival Round. White Harpies that summon tornadoes! As usual, Paladin should provoke and Priest should take care of the low HP ones, summon Relic of Miracle if necessary.

    Boss Round. Take out the Spider Queen first. The rest should be easy to deal with! Leave one spiderling alive if everyone is running out of MP so that you can wait for MP Herbs from the machines.

    Survival Round. Paladin & Priest should stay at the middle of the map while the others stay near the portal and run into it when you see a cannon is flying to you! DO NOT patrol in and out of the portal, that will just increase your chance getting hit by a cannon!

    Boss Round. As usual, take out the boss first! Beware of her fireballs, she will cast them right after spawning, be sure to run left or right to dodge them! Focus fire and take her out afterward.

    Boss Round. Probably the second easiest boss level. Take out the bosses first or they will summon tons of beastmen!

    Survival Round. There will be 3 Manticores, 2 will jump & slam constantly and another one will fly up & slam down. Paladin should provoke and draw the 2 on ground to a corner while the others focus on jump dodging the one on the sky!

    Many will fail at this round due to lack of firepower! All the purple name beastman miners have loads of HP, best way to deal with them is to take out one by one! Beware of the white mouses with bombs though!

    Alternatively, if dire goblins appear, make sure you take out the non-boss goblins first.

    Boss Round. Focus fire on the black smokes first! Their purple cannons can instant kill anyone with low HP. Range classes should run under it or as far as you can when it stretch up. Do note that it is 3 directional cannon!

    5 Orges will spawn! Take out the red (Shoots Fireball) and white one (Jump Slam) first.

    3 Manticores will spawn (1 big & 2 small). Take out the small one first and the big one will be easy! Do note that they will shoot poison needles on air!

    3 Cerberus will spawn (1 big & 2 small). Take out the big one first and leave a small one alive to replenish your MP! Heal yourself to the fullest and ready to meet the final boss - Geraint on R35!

    Geraint! Do refer to the vid above to learn his attacking pattern!

    Sword Waves:
    Warrior class will have a hard time dodging this. Range classes should run backward to avoid the 2nd wave! (Time Walk, Triangle Shot etc)

    Counter Attack:
    There is a chance for Geraint to counter attack when he got hit at melee range. Warrior class will have a hard time dodging this as well since it is extremely fast.

    Yellow Beams:
    Easiest skill to dodge. He will raise his hand before casting! Dodge left or right as the beams only go straight.

    Crescent Slash:
    Keep walking and you can dodge this easily.

    Keep in mind that Geraint is harder than he looks! His skills seems simple but deadly!

    Notes for range classes:
    -Do not use long casting / stationary skill unless you know what you're doing!
    -Keep moving!
    -Run if Geraint is chasing you! Attack after his aggro is not on you. (You can't deal damage if you are a dead man right? )
    -Pick up the foods from the machine as often as you can! Leave the MP Herbs for Paladins / Priests.
    -Try to stay behind him! That is the safest spot to attack!

    -You can't consume HP & MP potions in Dark Lair. Black Ducks that drop Meats appear every 5 levels, after the Boss Round.
    -Always gather at the center of the map after the round ended so that Priest can heal / buff you up!
    -Eat up all the foods from machines whenever possible! Leave MP herbs for those who is low on MP.
    -Map changes after R15 & R25, be sure to recover your HP to the fullest by eating the Meats from Black Ducks!
    -Keep a monster alive whenever anyone is low on MP! Wait for the Machines to produce MP Herbs.
    -There are 2 portals that you can utilize after changing map on R16 & R26.
    -Try to kill as slow as possible past R25, wait for skill cooldown! Every skills count past R25.

    Abbreviations in Dark Lair (CN):
    6 / 61 = Keep a monster alive so that your party can replenish MP!

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