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    Uber Paladin Build

    East Softcore Non Ladder smiter

    The build is meant to be a safe build when dealing with the three uber bosses or with Diablo clone himself

    With this build you can achieve:

    90 LR / 85 FR / 85 CR / 75 PR
    6 fpa smite attack speed
    A decent amount of life
    A certain amount of absorb against every element but poison
    Benefit of the crushing blow effect on every hit

    Torch run under a minute (hunting down the 3 bosses)

    Skill distribution

    Note: The build will be completely finished at level 91-92 but will be effective way before that. Those extra levels are just meant to perfect it.

    Combat Skills tree

    20 Smite
    20 Holy Shield

    1 Holy Bolt
    1 Charge
    1 Blessed Hammer

    Offensive Auras tree

    20 Fanaticism
    1 Might
    1 Blessed Aim
    1 Concentration

    Defensive Auras tree (the ones that you should end with -- ordered)

    1 Prayer
    1 Cleansing
    1 Defiance
    1 Vigor
    1 Meditation (I was using a +3 medi/+3 HS CtA to save that one, so I was totally done at 91)
    10 Lightning Resistance (passive 5% maximum lightning resistance gain)
    10 Fire Resistance (passive 5% maximum fire resistance gain)
    10 Cold Resistance (passive 5% maximum cold resistance gain (perfecting points -- the build can survive without those)

    1 Redemption (optional)
    1 Salvation (optional)

    Stats distribution

    Strenght: Just enough to wear your shield (As my exil was a vortex shield, I had 138 total)
    Dexterity: Enough to reach max blocking chances, as usual
    Vitality: The rest here
    Energy: none

    Item Setup -- Safety, stacked resistances and 100% chances of Crushing blow

    Helm: UM'd Kiras Guardian Tiara (for resistance purposes)
    Amulet: Maras (2 to all skills granted, 20-30 all resists, period.)
    Weapon: Last Wish Phase blade (lifetap, 60-70% chances of Crushing blow -- having 65%+ from it will give you an even 100%)
    Weapon switch: Call to arms (useless)
    Armor: Chains of honor (dusk, wyrm, scarab or even ap can work -- I used a wyrm one)
    Shield: Exile (vortex, zakarum shield or sacred targe would be the best options -- Look for a shield that has base resistances; 40-45)
    Shield switch: Paly spirit (pretty self-explanatory)
    Gloves: 20 IAS, Crushing blow, mods crafted gloves (The 20 ias is a MUST, otherwise, your smite speed will be lowered to 7 fpa. The CB will lead you around 100% -- Life, dex or resistance can be nice adds when looking for a pair)
    Ring 1: Ravenfrost (20 dex, cold absorb -- nuff said)
    Belt: Thundergod's Vigor (otherwise uber Mephisto can be a pain sometimes -- absorb is your friend)
    Ring 2: Dwarf star (life and fire absorb are a plus)
    Boots: Goblin toes (25% crushing blow -- way superior than goreriders. Upgrade them once if you wish)

    Annilus doesn't matter wich stat
    NO TORCH! u want to be able picking the torch up

    This setup can reach up to 70% Crushing blow, deals more damage but has less chances to cast lifetap on hit and has less stacked resistances

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    Nice build man,
    70% Crushing blow

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