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    Red face Diablo 3 Guide - Demon Hunter Inferno

    So basically i have been playing Diablo 3 for quite a time, and i look there's no guide here so i suppose i should make one. I played Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Monk to 60. I haven't touched WD, 31 on Wiz but its boring.

    Skill :
    Hungering Arrow - Devouring Arrow : It makes additional 70% damage on pierce and 50% chance, its the best hatred regeneration attack(base attack).
    Elemental Arrow - Nether Tentacles : Its attack range is wide rather than other runes and controlled, they also give a 3% life leech
    Smoke Screen - Lingering fog : Yeah, its basically 1.5sec invul, and is the key of surviving in inferno, as a touch of any monster could result in death.
    Vault - Tumble : Used to run from attacks of mob, or clear dungeons path easily. Second usage drops 50% discipline cost.
    Marked for Death - Grim Reaper : 30seconds of +12% Damage Dealt to surrounding monster marked.
    Preparation - Backup Plan : It restores fully your discipline, and even so it also have a chance to not trigger cooldown cool isn't it.(it is needed for Smoke Screen, Vault, and Mark of Death)

    The reason i choose this is Hungering arrow and elemental arrow are huge on dps, and you don't need any atk from discipline anymore( i.e Companion ), its waste of discipline. Instead, I used Discipline for SS, MfD, and Vault. They have been proven to keep me alive and I am now able to hunt ACT 2 easily. I one hitted all mobs on ACT 1 too, elites in 5 sec.

    Stats key :
    Crit Hit Damage > 300%
    Crit Hit Chance > 25%-30%
    Dexterity >1700
    Base DPS 50k+

    Andy Visage with 100+ dex and 6 IAS 3% crit hit chance
    Any rare 63 helm with 6% crit hit chance 100+ dex. Socket and vitality are optional

    +100 Dex
    +3 Socket
    +Hatred/Discipline Regen

    +100 Dex
    +2 Socket
    +Vit ( Optional )

    +150-+200 Dex
    +25-30% Crit hit damage
    >8% Crit hit chance

    >170 Dex

    >4% Crit Hit Chance
    >80 Dex

    >190 Dex
    >11% Movement Speed

    2H CROSS Bow:
    >950 DPS
    Crit Hit damage 50+%
    Socket ( Put in Emerald Gems of 70-100% Crit hit damage)
    Dex 100+

    Atk Speed(optional)
    Damage %(optional)

    Quiver :
    Blackbone quiver.

    That's it i suppose, i hope this helps.. Robin#6110

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